Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More Double Standards and Hypocrisy from the AP

What is the difference between a terrorist and a murderer? How about a freedom fighter and a terrorist? These questions are often debated in classrooms and lecture halls throughout America...but when it comes to Judith Clark there should be no doubt.

To those who remember the infamous 1981 Brinks heist in Nyack, Judith Clark is a self-indulgent '60s radical serving a well-deserved 75-year prison term for her role in the violent deaths of three heroic law-enforcement officers.

But to the Associated Press, which supplies news to the world, Judith Clark is a "former freedom fighter."

That's right. A "freedom fighter."

Now, maybe "convicted cop-killer" is too graphic for the AP, even though it's wholly accurate.

But "freedom fighter"?

Who's writing for the AP these days - Michael Moore?

Nevertheless, for several hours Monday night, that was precisely the unquestioned description of Clark that appeared in the lead sentence of a story that the AP sent out about her efforts to win a new trial.

Presently that description was altered to "a former black separatist"- with a note to editors saying the change was being made in the interest of "fairness."

Fairness? What about accuracy?

For one thing, though the leaders of the group belonged to the Black Liberation Army, Clark happens to be white.

The AP justified the change by noting that Clark had said the goal of the Brinks heist "was to finance a Republic of New Afrika consisting of former slave states."

(That's what they claimed, all right. But as Susan Braudy disclosed in her 2003 book about the case, "Family Circle," the real motive for the robbery was that BLA leader Doc Shakur needed money to pay his mortgage and buy cocaine.)

Still later, AP changed the story again. This time, Clark was referred to as "a former radical activist" - closer to the mark, but still rather a grand description for an accomplice to murder.

Clark was in the news in the first place because she's trying to get a new trial based on some hoaked-up technicalities. That's unlikely, but you never can tell.

Ask OJ...

So take a moment to think kindly of Sgt. Edward O'Grady and Officer Waverly "Chipper" Brown of the Nyack police and Brinks guard Peter Paige - dead before their time at the hands of Judith Clark and her accomplices.

"Freedom fighter," indeed. How long before someone decides to name a street after her?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Need a Little Extra Money?

Do what this Pakistani man did..sell his wife's kidney.

The wife of a farmer from Bahawalpur has registered a case against her husband, accusing him of selling her kidney without her consent to purchase a tractor, police said on Monday.

District Police Officer (DPO) Bahawlapur Arif Nawaz said that police had registered a case against farmer Shakeel Ahmed following the written complaint of his wife, Safia, “in the light of a medical report indicating that (her) husband had unlawfully sold one of her kidneys”.

Safia moved an application to the Noshera Jadeed station house officer (SHO), stating that her husband, whom she married in 2004, had beaten her when she was three-months’ pregnant, causing her to miscarry.

She said that her husband then took her to Bahawal Victoria Hospital, on the pretext of seeking medical treatment. She accused doctors of removing one of her kidneys during a surgical procedure, claiming that they had acted in collusion with her husband and had failed to secure her consent before removing the organ.

Safia said that she only came to know about her ordeal when she later contracted a urinary tract infection and sought medical treatment. She also pointed out that that her husband then confessed what had happened, admitting that he had sold her kidney and used the money from the transaction to buy a tractor.

Noshera Jadeed police said that they had registered a case against Ahmed, adding that investigations into the alleged crime were still continuing.

Surprising? Not in a society that treats women as property. Not in a religion that teaches women are not equal to man.

"Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other, and because they spend of their property for the support of women. So good women are the obedient, guarding in secret that which Allah hath guarded. As for those from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge them. Then if they obey you, seek not a way against them. Lo! Allah is ever High, Exalted, Great." (Surah 4:34)

In Pakistan, a female minister was killed for not covering their face in public.

Woman are blamed for being raped and are often stoned or imprisoned for "their" crime.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Judicial Misconduct

Nope...I'm not talking about Florida Judge Larry Seidlin, who sobbingly pronounced his ruling Thursday in the dispute over where Anna Nicole Smith should be buried.

I'm referring to New York City Judge Sheldon Rand who ruled that New York taxpayers will foot the bill for Brian Lopez to become Mariah Lopez.

In a ruling to be released Thursday, Manhattan Family Court Judge Sheldon Rand said the city must provide the subsidized snip because the woman wannabe, identified as Mariah Lopez, had been in the care of the Administration for Children's Services as a youngster.

Subsidized to about $20,000 worth of taxpayer money.

The judge said the agency has a duty to pay for all "necessary" medical care to the kids in its charge.

Necessary? Since when is a sex change operation necessary? What other "necessary" operations will taxpayers have to pay for?

Butt implants? Liposuction? Lip Augmentation? If a doctor states it is necessary for the mental health of the patient then Judge Rand's ruling could open a floodgate of other "necessary" operations.

Rand ruled that Lopez suffers from a diagnosed gender-identity disorder and that surgery is the recognized treatment.

The city has already paid for a laser hair-removal procedure around Lopez's genital area...Yuch!!

Brian...umm, Mariah suffers from a diagnosed gender-identity disorder and that surgery is the recognized treatment, the judge's ruling, which will be released Thursday, read, The New York Post reported.

"This court has recognized that gender-identity disorder is a real condition and there is a real solution to it and people don't have to suffer from it," Rand wrote.

"I don't think it's hit me yet. The consequences are so far reaching," a jubilant Lopez told The Post after learning of her(?) victory in the legal battle, which started before Lopez was 18 and cared for by ACS.

Lopez's father, who lost custody when she was 6 because of his drug use, said, "She's my son-daughter, I love her.
-I bet he loves not having to fork out $20,000 even more.

Lopez told of feeling like a girl trapped in a boy's body at 6 years old.
"I didn't know I was a boy. It was a rude awakening. I thought you could choose your gender,"

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Great Start to the New Year

While visiting Hellenic Reporter, I found this partial list stating some of Islam's "The Religion of Peace" contributions to 2007.

2/23/07 Chechnya Gudermes 5 3 Five police officers are killed in a bombing by Jihad fighters.
2/22/07 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 A civilian is shot to death in a drive-by shooting by Muslim gunmen.
2/22/07 India Damhal Khushipora 1 0 Terrorists shoot a civilian to death.
2/22/07 Iraq Kirkuk 5 0 Five people are kidnapped, tortured and shot to death by sectarian rivals.
2/22/07 India Wahipora 1 0 A man is abducted by the Mujahideen, who kill him in captivity.
2/21/07 Sudan Umm Dhai 20 0 Arab militias backed by the Islamic Republic massacre another twenty villagers.
2/21/07 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A 55-year-old Buddhist woman is shot to death by Muslim radicals.
2/21/07 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 Islamic radicals fire on two brothers, killing one.
2/21/07 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Militant Muslims shoot a teacher to death as he is riding to work.
2/21/07 Somalia Mogadishu 2 0 Two men are gunned down by suspected Islamists in separate attacks.
2/21/07 Afghanistan Shindand 1 2 A female Spanish soldier is killed when Islamic radicals explode a mine under her truck.
2/21/07 Iraq Najaf 11 38 Sunni terrorists murder eleven people with a suicide bomb blast.
2/21/07 Pakistan Tank 1 0 A tribal elder is killed in his home by al-Qaeda backed militants.
2/21/07 Pakistan Badar 1 0 A civilian is gunned down in what appears to be a random terror attack.
2/21/07 Iraq Baghdad 6 73 Six people are killed in a chlorine bomb attack by freedom fighters.
2/21/07 Iraq Baghdad 20 0 Twenty victims of sectarian hatred are found around the capital.
2/20/07 Somalia Mogadishu 16 40 Islamic militias rain down mortars on areas of the city, killing at least sixteen residents.
2/20/07 Iraq Baghdad 7 15 A suicidal Sunni attacks a Shia funeral procession, killing seven innocents.
2/20/07 Iraq Baghad 10 31 Two Jihad bombings, one a gas station and the other at a vegetable market, kill ten innocent people.
2/20/07 Iraq Taji 5 138 Islamic terrorists explode a truck near a restaurant, spreading chlorine gas over an area.
2/20/07 Pakistan Gujranwala 1 0 A woman is shot to death by an Islamic extremist for not wearing a head scarf.
2/20/07 India Anantnag 2 0 Two guards are killed by the Al-Mansooran terrorist group.
2/20/07 Thailand Songkhla 1 0 A village chief is gunned down by Islamic radicals.
2/20/07 Iraq Baghdad 33 0 Thirty-three victims of sectarian hatred within the Religion of Peace are found in the capital and in Mosul.
2/19/07 Iraq Mosul 8 0 Eight people are kidnapped and shot to death by sectarian rivals.
2/19/07 Thailand Yala 1 1 Another bombing kills another Thai. This time a soldier leaving his home.
2/19/07 Pakistan North Waziristan 1 0 Islamists cut off a man's head, hands and feet. Dumping the body along with a note.
2/19/07 Iraq Ramadi 11 4 Two Fedayeen suicide bombers kill eleven other people along a city street.
2/19/07 Iraq Dhuluiya 5 10 A suicide bomber murders five other people.
2/19/07 Iraq Tal Afar 4 5 A 12-year-old boy is among four people killed when terrorists booby-trap a house.
2/19/07 India Moghal Maidan 1 2 A security patrol is brutally ambushed by the Mujahideen.
2/19/07 Iraq Baghdad 30 40 Ten people are killed in twin roadside blasts and a minibus attack, and another twenty victims of sectarian violence are found elsewhere.
2/18/07 Iraq Baghdad 60 131 Sixty Iraqis shopping at a market are blown to bits by Islamic Freedom Fighters. Over a hundred others are injured.
2/18/07 Thailand Narathiwat 1 22 Islamists stage a series of bombings against karaoke bars, killing at least one person.
2/18/07 Thailand Yala 3 24 Three more people are killed in separate bombings.
2/18/07 Pakistan Turab Gholato 2 0 Two children are killed by a landmine planted by Taliban-backed militants.
2/18/07 Thailand Pattani 3 0 Three Chinese Buddhists are gunned down in a brutal assault by Islamic radicals.
2/18/07 Iraq Fallujah 13 0 al-Qaeda lines up a family of thirteen, including an elderly woman and two boys, and shoots them to death.
2/18/07 Iraq Baghdad 7 11 Seven people are murdered in at least two separate Jihad attacks.
2/18/07 Afghanistan Farah 4 2 Four policemen are killed in a suspected Taliban bomb attack.
2/18/07 Somalia Mogadishu 1 2 Islamic gunmen attack a car carrying Somalis, killing at least one.
2/18/07 Somalia Mogadishu 4 0 A car explosion at a soccer stadium kills four people.
2/18/07 Iraq Balad 6 0 The bodies of six victims of sectarian hatred are found around the country.
2/17/07 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A hunter and his dog are shot and hacked to death by Islamists, who then burn the bodies.
2/17/07 Pakistan Quetta 16 30 Sixteen people are murdered when a suicide bomber blows himself up inside a packed courtroom.
2/17/07 Iraq Kirkuk 11 83 Sunnis murder at least eleven Kurdish shoppers with a double car-bombing along a crowded market area.
2/17/07 Iraq Hilla 2 0 A woman and her young daughter are stabbed to death by Jihad militants.
2/17/07 Iraq Karbala 2 0 Two people are kidnapped and beheaded by Islamic terrorists.
2/17/07 India Koti Nullah 1 0 The Mujahideen abduct a civilian from his home and kill him in captivity.
2/16/07 Somalia Mogadishu 1 12 Islamic militias lob a mortar into a displaced persons camp, killing a refugee.
2/16/07 Pakistan Bajaur 1 3 Pro-Taliban militants kill a doctor with a roadside bomb
2/16/07 Iraq Baghdad 15 0 Fifteen victims of sectarian hatred are found in the capital and in Mosul.
2/15/07 Iraq Baghdad 27 45 Two car bombings and a shooting attack on a bus full of women combine with twenty other bodies found victimized by Islamic terrorists.
2/15/07 Iraq Kirkuk 3 5 Jihadis set up a fake checkpoint and gun down three Iraqis.
2/15/07 Somalia Mogadishu 4 5 Children are among four killed by mortar fire from Islamic militias.
2/15/07 Iraq Al Gasreen 8 14 Women and children are among eight civilians killed in a Jihad mortar attack on a civilian area.
2/14/07 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A Buddhist man is shot to death by Muslims while riding his motorcycle.
2/14/07 Thailand Yala 1 5 One person is killed in a bomb attack by radical Muslims.
2/14/07 Iran Zahedan 18 0 A radical Sunni group takes credit for a bomb attack on a bus carrying Revolutionary Guards. Eighteen are killed.
2/14/07 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 A married couple is attacked by Muslim radicals. The wife dies from injuries.
2/14/07 Thailand Yala 2 0 A Buddhist father and son, selling herbal medicines by the roadside are brutally gunned down by Islamic gunmen.
2/14/07 Thailand Yala 1 0 A 30-year-old rubber tapper is murdered by Islamic radicals.
2/14/07 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 1 0 A Shiite cleric is gunned down in a sectarian attack.
2/14/07 Yemen Saada 2 2 Two members of the military are killed in an ambush by radical Shiites.
2/14/07 Iraq Ramadi 5 20 A Fedayeen suicide bomber sends five souls to Allah.
2/14/07 Iraq Baghdad 4 10 Four Christians are killed in an Islamic car bombing of their hospital.
2/14/07 Iraq Baghdad 6 30 Three Jihad car bombings leave six people dead.
2/13/07 Iraq Mahmudiya 3 0 Three people are kidnapped and brutally tortured to death by sectarian rivals.
2/13/07 Iraq Baghdad 22 44 Separate car bombings, including a suicide bomber near a college, leaves nearly two-dozen people dead.
2/13/07 Iraq Nahrawan 5 12 Jihadis lob mortars into a town, indiscriminately killing five people.
2/13/07 Algeria Algiers 6 30 Six people are killed in at least four deadly bombings by Islamic fundamentalists across the country.
2/13/07 Lebanon Bikfaya 3 19 Following threats by Islamic groups, two coordinated bomb blasts rip through a Christian town, killing at least three persons.
2/12/07 Somalia Mogadishu 2 4 Islamists lob mortars into a home, killing a father and his 6-year-old son.
2/12/07 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A Buddhist man is killed in a public phone booth in front of his wife and son.
2/12/07 Afghanistan Zabul 2 1 Two policemen are killed when Taliban militants ambush their vehicle.
2/12/07 Iraq Baghdad 43 26 Sectarian violence within the Religion of Peace claims four dozen lives, including a market bombing.
2/12/07 Somalia Mogadishu 1 3 A woman is killed when Somali Islamists lob a mortar into her home.
2/12/07 Iraq Mosul 3 0 A student is among three people kidnapped, tortured and killed by Islamic extremists.
2/12/07 Iraq Baghdad 79 165 Sunnis bomb a Shia market with three coordinated blasts, sending blood and body parts across several blocks.
2/11/07 Iraq Tikrit 11 15 Eleven people are killed by a suicidal Sunni in an explosives-laden car.
2/11/07 Thailand Yala 3 0 Three villagers are shot to death by Muslim militants. The victims included two women.
2/11/07 Iraq Baghdad 35 0 Thirty-five people are found dead in various locations from sectarian violence.
2/11/07 India Kangan 1 0 A cop is gunned down by the Mujahideen.
2/11/07 Somalia Kismayu 4 20 Islamic extremists toss a grenade into a parade, killing four people.
2/10/07 Iraq Mosul 8 0 Eight young border guard recruits are brutally gunned down in a machine-gun assault by Muslim gunmen.
2/10/07 Somalia Mogadishu 3 3 Three people are killed when Islamists bomb a market.
2/10/07 Somalia Mogadishu 5 10 Two girls are among five killed in two rocket attacks after Islamic groups vow to step up the violence.
2/10/07 Iraq Baghdad 3 5 A Jihad car bombing kills at least three people at an intersection.
2/10/07 Iraq Mussayab 3 2 Three members of a Shiite family are killed in their home by Islamic gunmen.
2/10/07 Iraq Baghdad 5 10 Five people near a bakery are killed by a Sunni suicide bomber.
2/10/07 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 56-year-old truck driver is gunned down on the job by Islamic radicals.
2/9/07 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Islamists shoot a 20-year-old civilian to death at a tea shop.
2/9/07 Afghanistan Kandahar 4 3 Four Afghan policemen are killed in a Taliban ambush.
2/9/07 Iraq Baghdad 11 0 Eleven people are found dead hours after being kidnapped by Muslim terrorists.
2/9/07 Iraq Hilla 2 8 Jihadis plant a bomb at a market, killing two people.
2/8/07 Iraq Aziziya 17 27 Islamic terrorists bomb a vegetable market, netting seventeen dead Iraqis.
2/8/07 India Baharabad 1 2 A man is gunned down in a Muslim shooting attack that leaves his wife and one other injured.
2/8/07 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 72-year-old Buddhist man is beheaded by Islamists.
2/8/07 India Aragam 4 1 A brutal ambush by Islamic militants leaves four people dead, including a civilian.
2/8/07 Iraq Iskandariya 7 10 Jihadis use mortars to kill seven residents.
2/8/07 Iraq Mosul 45 10 Forty-five people are killed in three locations in the country, as Islamists vow to keep killing.
2/8/07 Iraq Haditha 7 3 A suicide bomber attacks a police station, killing seven people inside.
2/8/07 Iraq Balad 10 0 Ten men are gunned down by sectarian rivals.
2/8/07 India Hajin 1 2 A pro-India political figure is gunned down in an attack that also injures his wife.
2/8/07 UAE Dubai 1 0 A man kills his 22-year-old sister on suspicion that she was having an affair, based on a mobile phone picture.
2/8/07 Iraq Rafiyaat 14 1 Gunmen storm a house and shoot fourteen men from the same family to death.
2/7/07 Afghanistan Shindand 3 2 Three Afghan cops are killed by a remote-controlled device.
2/7/07 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 6 Two Afghans are killed, and six wounded, by a Taliban bomb planted on a motorbike.
2/7/07 Pakistan Darra Adam Khel 1 1 al-Qaeda militants gun down a Pakistani ISI agent in an attack on his vehicle.
2/7/07 Chechnya Vedeno 1 0 A local official bleeds to death after Jihadis blow off his foot with a bomb.
2/7/07 Somalia Mogadishu 2 7 Two children are reported killed in a mortar attack by Islamic militias.
2/7/07 Iraq Mosul 2 0 A man and his wife are killed in their home by Islamic militants.
2/7/07 Iraq Baghdad 39 0 Thirty-nine people are killed in at least four separate Jihad attacks.
2/7/07 Pakistan Sindh 1 0 The remains of a Hindu man, kidnapped and murdered by Islamists, are found six months later.
2/7/07 Iraq Suwayra 7 23 Three car bombs take the lives of seven innocent people.
2/6/07 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A woman is shot to death by Islamic gunmen.
2/6/07 India Pukharni 1 0 Terrorists kill a boy with a landmine.
2/6/07 Thailand Pattani 1 2 A man is shot to death while riding a motorbike with his wife and 3-year-old daughter.
2/6/07 Pakistan Miran Shah 2 0 Islamic terrorists bind two men and then shoot them to death.
2/6/07 Iraq Baghdad 27 19 Sectarian hatred within the Religion of Peace leaves over two dozen dead.
2/6/07 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Muslims hack a 37-year-old laborer to death with machetes.
2/6/07 India Bandipora 1 0 A civilian is kidnapped and killed by the Mujahideen.
2/6/07 Pakistan Islamabad 0 10 A suicide bomber blows himself up in a botched attack on the city's main airport.
2/5/07 Iraq Baghdad 25 0 Twenty-five victims of sectarian hatred within the Religion of Peace are found tortured and executed.
2/5/07 Iraq Haditha 6 0 Six people are found murdered by Jihadis.
2/5/07 Pakistan Bajaur 2 1 Pro-government tribal leaders are killed by al-Qaeda supported militants.
2/5/07 Iraq Baghdad 24 108 Three car bombs, one at a children's hospital, rack up about twenty dead civilians for Sunni Jihadis.
2/4/07 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A Buddhist school official is murdered by Muslim terrorists.
2/4/07 Iraq Baghdad 33 0 Thirty-three bodies are found as sectarian violence within the Religion of Peace rages.
2/4/07 Pal. Auth. Gaza 2 0 Two more Palestinians die from a Hamas sniper attack. One is 17-years-old.
2/4/07 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A 68-year-old Buddhist man is shot off his motorbike by Islamic radicals.
2/4/07 Iraq Baghdad 31 76 A series of bombings by Islamic terrorists leave thirty-one innocent people dead.
2/4/07 India Srinagar 1 0 A man is shot dead by the Mujahideen.
2/4/07 Iraq Baghdad 3 0 A woman and her two children are killed when Jihadis mortar a house.
2/3/07 Iraq Falluja 5 0 Five people are kidnapped, executed and dumped by sectarian rivals.
2/3/07 Dagestan Makhachkala 3 0 Militants kill three policemen in two coordinated attacks.
2/3/07 Pakistan Tank 2 6 Two Pakistani soldiers are killed when a suicide bomber rams into their convoy.
2/3/07 Iraq Baghdad 135 359 A single Fedayeen suicide bomber racks up over one-hundred and thirty civilians at a market. Nearly four-hundred others suffer injury.
2/3/07 India Pulwama 4 6 Mujahideen ambush a group of policemen, killing at least four.
2/3/07 Iraq Mahmudiya 8 12 At least eight people are killed in a Jihad car bombing on a market.
2/3/07 Iraq Baghdad 25 12 Over two-dozen people are killed in sectarian violence within the Religion of Peace.
2/2/07 Pal. Auth. Gaza 17 185 Seventeen people, including children, are killed in sectarian fighting between Muslim militias over a 24-hour period.
2/2/07 Iraq Yusufiyah 3 11 Two children are among three Iraqi civilians killed by Islamic terrorists.
2/2/07 Pal. Auth. Gaza 15 90 Hamas sniper set up around a Palestinian training camp and fire into it. Some fifteen people are killed and nearly a hundred others injured.
2/1/07 Iraq Baghdad 46 71 Sectarian violence leaves about four dozen Iraqis dead.
2/1/07 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Muslims shoot a Buddhist ice cream vendor to death, then chop off his head and leave the body sitting up in the vehicle.
2/1/07 Pakistan Peshawar 2 4 A man and his wife are killed, and their four children injured in a bomb blast.
2/1/07 Somalia Mogadishu 3 1 Two children are among three civilians killed in separate rocket attacks by the Islamic militia.
2/1/07 Yemen Saada 10 20 Shiite radicals kill ten Yemeni soldiers in an attack on a roadblock.
2/1/07 Iraq Hillah 73 150 Two Islamic suicide bombers take out dozens of innocent people in a coordinated attack on a packed market.
2/1/07 Iraq Mosul 4 0 A college dean and two students are among four people murdered by Jihadis.
2/1/07 Thailand Yala 1 1 Islamists gun down a civilian and seriously injure his wife in the attack.
2/1/07 Pakistan Miran Shah 3 2 Three people, including an engineer and a road inspector are killed by al-Qaeda backed militants.
2/1/07 Pakistan North Waziristan 1 0 A man is beheaded by Islamic militants, who then pin a note to the body.
2/1/07 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Another ice-cream vender is murdered by Islamists - this one while driving to work.
1/31/07 Bangladesh Dhaka 1 1 A policeman is killed in a bomb attack by suspected Islamic extremists.
1/31/07 Pakistan Hangu 2 1 Two people inside a house are killed in a sectarian mortar attack.
1/31/07 Thailand Pattani 1 3 Islamists kill a villager with a bomb.
1/31/07 Iraq Baghdad 12 22 Sectarian violence around the city leaves at least a dozen dead, including a decapitation.
1/31/07 Iraq Fallujah 7 0 Seven people, including a teenager, are gunned down by Jihadis.
1/31/07 Iraq Baghdad 4 0 Three university professors and a student, kidnapped by Islamic militants three days earlier, are found dead.
1/31/07 Thailand Yala 1 6 A 59-year-old rubber tapper is murdered in drive-by shooting by Islamists.
1/30/07 Afghanistan Herat 0 12 A Fedayeen suicide bomber rams his truck into an Afghan convoy, injuring a dozen innocents.
1/30/07 Pakistan Hangu 2 14 Two Afghan refugees are killed by Sunni extremists following a Shia religious festival.
1/30/07 Iraq Adhamiya 17 72 Jihadis rain down mortars on a residential area, killing seventeen innocent Iraqis.
1/30/07 Iraq Baghdad 25 9 Sectarian violence within the Religion of Peace leaves over two dozen dead in various attacks.
1/30/07 Iraq Khanaqin 13 39 A Shiite religious ceremony is the target of a deadly roadside bomb, as Sunnis rack up more dead Shia.
1/30/07 Iraq Balad Ruz 23 57 A suicidal Sunni blows two-dozen Shia worshippers to Allah at a mosque.
1/30/07 Iraq Ramadi 16 0 A suicide truck bomber kills sixteen people.
1/29/07 Israel Eilat 3 3 Three Israelis are murdered by an al-Aqsa suicide bomber at a bakery.
1/29/07 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 2 7 A suicide bomber blows himself up at a park, killing two other people.
1/29/07 Thailand Songkhla 3 1 Two Buddhist couples are brutally assaulted by Muslim radicals. Three people are killed.
1/29/07 Iraq Tuz Khurmato 5 0 Sunnis blast a Shiite mosque, killing five worshippers.
1/29/07 Chechnya Gudermes 4 0 Four Russians are killed in a shooting and suicide attack by Islamic militants.
1/29/07 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Muslim militants gun down a man driving his wife to work.
1/29/07 Thailand Yala 1 0 Islamists shoot a civilian off his motorcycle.
1/29/07 Algeria Batna 5 0 Islamic fundamentalists open up on a checkpoint with automatic weapons, killing five Algerian security staff at point-blank range.
1/29/07 Iraq Zaafaraniya 16 28 Jihadis stage a mortar attack on a residential area, killing sixteen innocents.
1/29/07 Iraq Baghdad 4 5 Sunnis plant a bomb on a minibus, killing four passengers.
1/29/07 India Gorakhpur 1 0 A Hindu man is killed by a mob of angry Muslims.
1/29/07 India Kishtwar 2 2 The Mujahideen attack Indian troops, killing two.
1/29/07 Thailand Yala 1 0 A teenager dies after his throat is slashed and he is stabbed by radical Muslims.
1/28/07 Iraq Baghdad 29 0 Twenty-nine victims of sectarian hatred are found executed across the city.
1/28/07 Iraq Baghdad 5 20 Five school girls are killed when freedom fighters mortar a school.
1/28/07 Pakistan Punjab 2 0 A couple in their 40's are tied to a tree and stoned to death for adultery.
1/28/07 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A Buddhist man is killed in a Muslim drive-by attack.
1/28/07 Iraq Kirkuk 16 34 Two separate suicide bombings, one at a market, leave sixteen innocents dead.
1/28/07 Iraq Baghad 14 64 Four Jihad bombings leave fourteen people dead and over sixty injured.
1/28/07 Philippines Rangaban 1 1 Moro Islamic Front terrorists attack a village, killing one defender and injuring another.
1/28/07 Iraq Ramadi 5 10 Two children are among five killed by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
1/28/07 Thailand Yala 1 0 A 33-year-old woman is shot to death by Islamic terrorists.
1/27/07 Afghanistan Kunar 1 3 Taliban terrorists kill an Afghan contractor during an ambush on a security base.
1/27/07 Pakistan Peshawar 14 60 A suicide bomber targets a crowd leaving a mosque, killing at least fourteen.
1/27/07 Iraq Baghdad 40 0 Two women are among forty bodies found around the city as Sunnis and Shias go at it.
1/27/07 Iraq Baghdad 13 43 Two suicidal Sunnis murdered at least thirteen Shias in an attack at a market.
1/27/07 Yemen Saada 6 20 Radical Shiites ambush and kill six Yemeni soldiers.
1/27/07 Pakistan Babar Kuch 2 3 A rocket attack by Taliban-backed militants on a civilian vehicle leaves two dead.
1/27/07 Algeria Skikda 1 4 Islamic fundamentalists ambush a police station, killing one officer.
1/27/07 Iraq Baghdad 5 3 Sunnis storm a Shia home, killing five members of the same family.
1/26/07 Pakistan Khan Yunis 1 1 al-Qaeda militants ambush a police patrol, killing an officer.
1/26/07 India Tanur 1 5 A Hindu activist is hacked to death by Muslim gangs.
1/26/07 Iraq Baghdad 29 14 Twenty-seven people are kidnapped and murdered by Jihadis. Two others are killed by a suicide bomber.
1/26/07 Iraq Baghdad 15 55 Sunnis target innocent Iraqis at a pet fair, killing over a dozen with a shrapnel bomb.
1/26/07 Sudan Magwe 1 2 An Indian peacekeeper is gunned down by suspected Jihadis.
1/26/07 Thailand Pattani 1 4 Islamists gun down a cop and injure four civilians with a bomb blast.
1/26/07 Pakistan Islamabad 1 6 A suicide bomber blows himself up outside the Marriott hotel, killing a guard.
1/26/07 Pal. Auth. Khan Yunis 1 0 A 2-year-old girl is killed when Islamic factions clash in Gaza.
1/26/07 Pal. Auth. Gaza 2 0 A man and a 16-year-old are killed in separate Hamas attacks.
1/25/07 Somalia Kismayo 1 1 An Ethiopian solider is shot to death by Muslim militants.
1/25/07 Pakistan Hangu 2 4 Two passersby are killed in a car bombing.
1/25/07 Iraq Baghdad 26 64 Over two-dozen people are blown to bits by Sunni bombers in a shopping district. Dozens more suffer injury.
1/25/07 Iraq Fallujah 2 0 A boy and an elderly woman are murdered by Muslim bombers.
1/25/07 Iraq Baghdad 7 30 Seven people are killed in separate marketplace bombings by Islamic terrorists.
1/25/07 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 57-year-old Buddhist man is murdered by Islamic radicals on his way to work.
1/25/07 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 A young man is gunned down by Islamic terrorists.
1/25/07 Philippines Midsayap 1 0 At least one person is killed when Moro terrorists attack a group of families.
1/25/07 Iraq Baghdad 42 17 Forty-two victims of sectarian hatred within the Religion of Peace are found over a 24-hour period.
1/24/07 Iraq Baghdad 33 0 Thirty-three victims of sectarian hatred are found murdered.
1/24/07 Iraq Baghdad 4 3 A suicide bomber kills four Iraqis.
1/24/07 Somalia Mogadishu 2 1 Two civilians are killed when Islamic militias fire mortars into an airport.
1/24/07 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 A female bank employee and a professor are murdered by Jihadis in separate attacks.
1/23/07 Afghanistan Uruzgan 9 0 Nine Afghan policemen are murdered in a Taliban ambush in a remote area.
1/23/07 Iraq Fallujah 3 0 Three butchers are killed by Islamic fundamentalists.
1/23/07 Thailand Yala 1 0 A Buddhist man is murdered by Islamists as he drove his 7-year-old son home from school.
1/23/07 India Bandina 3 2 The Mujahideen blow up a passing security vehicle, killing three occupants.
1/23/07 Iraq Tal Afar 2 0 Two teachers are shot to death by radicals.
1/23/07 Afghanistan Khost 10 14 A Taliban suicide bomber blows ten Afghan civilians to Allah.
1/23/07 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 Two men are gunned down in a drive-by shooting by Islamists.
1/23/07 Chechnya Kurchaloi 1 0 Jihadis shoot a police officer to death.
1/23/07 Iraq Baghdad 17 0 Seventeen victims of sectarian hatred within the Religion of Peace are found executed.
1/23/07 Jordan Amman 1 0 A 17-year-old girl is shot four times in the head by her father, who thought she had had sex. An autopsy showed she was a virgin.
1/23/07 Iraq Suwayra 6 9 Radical Sunnis wipe out five members of a Shia family and one other in a terror attack.
1/22/07 Iraq Rutba 4 0 Four people are kidnapped, tortured and executed by sectarian rivals.
1/22/07 Iraq Baghdad 30 0 Thirty victims of sectarian violence are found bound and executed.
1/22/07 Iraq Baghdad 88 190 Sunni extremists score big at a market, killing nearly ninety unsuspecting Shia shoppers with coordinated bombs.
1/22/07 Syria Damascus 1 0 A 16-year-old girl is stabbed five times in the back and neck by her brother, angry that she had been raped.
1/22/07 Pakistan Miran Shah 5 20 Four Pakistani soldiers and a female passerby are killed in a Fedayeen suicide attack on a checkpoint.
1/22/07 Iraq Baghdad 1 1 Fundamentalists murder a female teacher on her way to work at a girl's school.
1/22/07 Iraq Khalis 12 39 A dozen civilians are killed in an Islamic bombing attack.
1/21/07 Iraq Karrada 6 15 A half-dozen people are incinerated in a suspected suicide blast on a minibus.
1/21/07 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A middle-aged Buddhist man is gunned down by militants as he is standing in front of his home talking with friends.
1/21/07 Iraq Mosul 9 4 A woman is among nine people killed by Jihadis in shooting and bombing attacks.
1/21/07 India Baramulla 1 12 A grenade attack by the Mujahideen eventually kills one of thirteen people injured.
1/21/07 Algeria Jijel 1 8 The Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat, kills an Algerian soldier in a bomb attack.
1/20/07 Somalia Mogadishu 4 0 Four civilians are killed in an Islamic attack.
1/20/07 Iraq Baghdad 40 10 Religious violence claims the lives of at least forty people in various attacks.
1/20/07 Thailand Narathiwat 1 2 A noodle vendor is shot to death in front of his 12-year-old daughter by Muslim militants.
1/20/07 Philippines Parang 1 7 Abu Sayyaf terrorists kill a Filipino soldier in an ambush.
1/20/07 Iraq Mosul 7 2 Seven people are gunned down by sectarian rivals.
1/20/07 Iraq Iskandariya 4 4 Four people are murdered by Islamic terrorists.
1/19/07 Iraq Karbala 4 0 Four American soldiers are abducted and brutally killed in captivity by Islamic militants.
1/19/07 Turkey Istanbul 1 0 An advocate for the victims of Armenian genocide is gunned down by a Muslim who says, 'I killed the infidel.'
1/19/07 Iraq Hilla 1 0 Fundamentalists murder a butcher.
1/19/07 Iraq Yusufiya 4 0 Two very young children, ages 1 and 5, are among four killed in a bombing by Sunni militants.
1/18/07 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A Buddhist woman working as a health care volunteer is murdered by Islamic gunmen.
1/18/07 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 Muslim gunmen kill a 68-year-old man and injure his son.
1/18/07 Iraq Baghdad 26 0 Twenty-six people are found shot and tortured to death by sectarian rivals.
1/18/07 Iraq Baghdad 12 34 A series of terrorist bombings leave at least eleven people dead.
1/18/07 Iraq Mosul 13 21 Thirteen people are killed in shootings, including one on a wedding party, and a Fedayeen suicide blast.
1/18/07 Iraq Baghdad 10 30 Sunnis bomb a vegetable market, killing ten patrons.
1/18/07 India Nayidgam 1 0 A mechanic is abducted and beheaded by the Mujahideen.
1/18/07 Afghanistan Paktika 1 5 A suicide bomber kills an Afghan soldier.
1/17/07 India Wagoora 1 0 Local Mujahideen shoot an electrical employee to death.
1/17/07 Iraq Baghdad 4 10 An American woman working for an NGO is among three civilians murdered in a bomb attack.
1/17/07 Iraq Baghdad 15 33 Sunnis car bomb a Shia market, killing fifteen patrons.
1/17/07 Iraq Kirkuk 10 42 A suicide truck bomber drives into an Iraqi police station, killing ten people.
1/17/07 Iraq Baghdad 30 0 Police find thirty victims of sectarian violence in and around the city. Most were tortured and shot.
1/17/07 Thailand Yala 1 0 A 42-year-old Buddhist scrap dealer is shot dead by Muslim terrorists in front of his home.
1/17/07 Thailand Songkhla 1 0 Muslim radicals murder a Buddhist rubber-tapper.
1/17/07 Iraq Mosul 10 0 Ten victims of sectarian violence are delivered to the morgue.
1/16/07 Iraq Mosul 12 0 Twelve people, including at least one woman, are murdered by Muslim gunmen.
1/16/07 Israel Juarish 1 0 A 19-year-old woman is shot to death in her own bed by relatives for violating the family's honor.
1/16/07 Iraq Baghdad 70 180 Islamic terrorists manage to slaughter at least seventy students, mostly female, at a university using a car bomb and then a suicide bomber on foot to catch the survivors!
1/16/07 Iraq Baghdad 16 11 Jihadis kill ten civilians in a drive-by shooting and another six with a car bomb.
1/16/07 Iraq Baghdad 15 74 Sunnis target Shia civilians in a marketplace, killing at least fifteen with a suicide attack.
1/16/07 Iraq Iskandariya 2 0 Freedom fighters kill an Iraqi woman and her son in a mortar attack.
1/16/07 Thailand Narathiwat 1 2 Islamic militants kill a village chief with a roadside bomb.
1/15/07 Iraq Mosul 5 28 A Fedayeen suicide bomber sends five Kurds to Allah.
1/15/07 Iraq Baghdad 7 5 Two separate bombings leave seven Iraqis dead.
1/15/07 Iraq Baqubah 11 0 Eleven people are kidnapped by sectarian rivals, bound, gagged and executed.
1/15/07 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A man is shot to death by radical Muslims.
1/15/07 Thailand Yala 1 1 A 58-year-old Buddhist man is murdered by Islamists in an attack that also leaves his wife injured.
1/15/07 India Hajan 1 0 Islamic terrorists shoot dead a man shopping at a market.
1/15/07 India Sumbar 1 0 A civilian is abducted by the Mujahideen and shot to death in captivity.
1/14/07 Pakistan Matta 3 0 Two girls and their mother are killed in a mine attack by local Taliban.
1/14/07 Iraq Mosul 14 8 Fourteen people are murdered in separate attacks by Muslim radicals.
1/14/07 Thailand Pattani 2 0 A married couple is murdered by Islamic radicals at the entrance to their business. The man is decapitated. A note pinned to the body says, 'We kill all Buddhists.'
1/14/07 Iraq Baghdad 41 0 Forty-one victims of sectarian violence are found in various locations.
1/14/07 Thailand Yala 1 0 Muslims gun down another Buddhist civilian.
1/14/07 Pakistan Butkhela 1 1 Pro-Taliban militants shoot an Uzbeki man to death.
1/14/07 Thailand Pattani 1 5 Islamic militants bomb a Thai military vehicle, killing one soldier.
1/14/07 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 31-year-old man is shot off the back of a motorcycle by Islamic terrorists.
1/13/07 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Islamists murder a Buddhist policeman on his way to work.
1/13/07 Dagestan Aimaumakhi 1 0 A policeman is gunned down by suspected Islamic rebels.
1/13/07 Iraq Iskandariya 3 1 Terrorists attack a private factory, killing three workers.
1/13/07 Iraq Kirkuk 2 3 Muslim terrorists shoot two engineers to death.
1/13/07 Thailand Yala 1 0 A Buddhist firefighter is shot to death by radical Muslims in front of his office.
1/12/07 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Militant Muslims gun down a village guard outside his home.
1/12/07 Thailand Pattani 2 0 Two Buddhist men are murdered by Religion of Peace gunmen in separate attacks.
1/12/07 Iraq Ishaqi 3 0 Three civilians are shot to death by Islamic terrorists.
1/12/07 Iraq Baghdad 11 0 Ten intact bodies and one severed head are discovered by police.
1/12/07 Thailand Yala 1 0 A 62-year-old civilian is gunned down by Islamic terrorists as he is carrying his 2-year-old grandson on a motorbike.
1/11/07 Indonesia Poso 1 0 A police officer at a funeral for a terrorist is beaten to death by an angry Muslim mob.
1/11/07 Iraq Khadra 5 0 Five off-duty policemen are gunned down in cold blood by Sunni terrorists.
1/10/07 Philippines General Santos 6 23 Six people, including two young children and two woman, are killed in a suspected Abu Sayyaf bomb attack on a lottery office and market.
1/10/07 Thailand Pattani 1 1 A female teacher is shot to death by Islamic militants on her way to school.
1/10/07 Iraq Karbala 11 14 Sunni gunmen massacre Shia pilgrims returning home in a convoy of buses.
1/10/07 Iraq Tal Afar 5 16 A child is among five people killed in separate suicide bombings.
1/10/07 Iraq Mosul 8 0 Eight people are found dead from terror attacks.
1/10/07 Iraq Baghdad 68 0 Sixty-eight victims of Sunni-Shia sectarian violence are found murdered in three cities over a 24-hour period.
1/10/07 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 Islamists fire a rocket into a home, killing a family member.
1/10/07 Philippines Cotabato 1 0 Muslim militants kill a garbage collector with a bomb.
1/9/07 Iraq Baghdad 46 0 Forty-six victims of sectarian hatred between Sunnis and Shia are found around the country.
1/9/07 Pakistan Qamber 2 0 A man kills his sister and her lover in an 'honor' killing.
1/9/07 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A janitor is murdered by Islamists shortly after dropping his daughter off at school.
1/9/07 Pakistan Jacobabad 2 0 Two brothers are shot to death in a coordinated terror attack concerning an issue of sexual impropriety.
1/9/07 Pakistan Hangu 1 0 A newspaper journalist is beheaded by Islamic militants.
1/8/07 Iraq Baghdad 32 16 At least four separate Jihad attacks leave nearly three dozen civilians dead.
1/8/07 Iraq Baghdad 6 0 Sunnis gun down six members of a Shiite family as they are moving their furniture.
1/8/07 Iraq Mosul 5 0 Five people are gunned down by sectarian rivals.
1/8/07 India Indergam 1 0 A 9th grade student is shot to death by the Mujahideen.
1/8/07 Iraq Baghdad 15 15 Fifteen cleaning contractors are brutally murdered in a Sunni assault on their bus.
1/8/07 Thailand Songkhla 1 0 A Buddhist teacher, brutally beaten into a coma by a Muslim mob seven months earlier, finally expires.
1/7/07 India Andergam 1 0 A 16-year-old student is gunned down in his home by Islamic radicals.
1/7/07 Iraq Suwayra 4 0 Four people are kidnapped and executed, one by decapitation.
1/7/07 Iraq Hilla 2 11 A Jihad car bombing kills two civilians.
1/7/07 Somalia Mogadishu 1 1 Islamic militants kill a young girl with automatic weapons fire.
1/7/07 Afghanistan Khost 4 2 Two women and two children are blown to bits by Islamic bombers.
1/7/07 Pakistan Mansehra 1 0 A young woman is murdered by her brother for pursuing an education. The brother claims she 'met Allah's destiny.'
1/7/07 India Baramulla 2 0 Two civilians are murdered by the Mujahideen. One has his throat slit.
1/7/07 Iraq Baghdad 23 7 Two dozen people lose their lives to sectarian violence in three attacks.
1/6/07 India Shopian 3 23 Three people are killed in a Mujahideen grenade attack on a market.
1/6/07 Iraq Baghdad 27 0 Police find twenty-seven victims of sectarian violence killed in gruesome fashion by Religion of Peace rivals.
1/6/07 Iraq Mosul 6 0 Six people are gunned down by Muslim terrorists.
1/6/07 India Dangiwacha 1 0 A civilian is gunned down on the job by the Mujahideen.
1/6/07 Afghanistan Khost 1 0 A security official is shot to death by religious extremists.
1/6/07 Iraq Baghdad 44 0 Forty-four additional victims of sectarian violence within Islam are found executed.
1/5/07 Pakistan Tando Adam 1 0 A young man guns down his aunt on suspicion that she was engaged in adultery.
1/5/07 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 An Islamic militant tosses a grenade into the street, killing a civilian.
1/5/07 Iraq Baghdad 47 0 Another forty-seven victims of sectarian hatred within the Religion of Peace are found executed.
1/5/07 Iraq Iskandariya 3 0 Three people are kidnapped and tortured to death by Islamic militants.
1/5/07 Ethiopia Kofele 1 0 A Christian is beaten to death by Muslims with a metal bar.
1/5/07 Pal. Auth. Mughazi 1 0 Hamas gunmen murder a critic at a refugee camp.
1/5/07 Iraq Baghdad 4 11 Jihadis drop bombs on a market, killing four shoppers.
1/4/07 Iraq Baghdad 13 22 Sunni terrorists detonate two car bombs, killing thirteen people in a residential district.
1/4/07 Iraq Hilla 4 0 Four people are kidnapped and shot to death by Islamic terrorists.
1/4/07 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 Muslim gun down a Buddhist teenager.
1/4/07 Pal. Auth. Jabalya 7 36 Hamas militants fire rockets into a Fatah leader's home, killing him and six others.
1/4/07 Pakistan Peshawar 1 0 Three Sunnis murder a Shia leader.
1/4/07 Iraq Baghdad 47 0 Islamic militants take care of forty-seven Iraqis in various attacks. Four are beheaded.
1/3/07 India Kandi 1 2 Islamic rebels ambush a security patrol, killing one member.
1/3/07 Thailand Yala 2 0 A 70-year-old man is gunned down, along with his son-in-law, by Islamic militants.
1/3/07 Pal. Auth. Beit Lahiya 3 0 Hamas ambush a car carrying Fatah members, killing three of them.
1/3/07 Pal. Auth. Beit Lahiya 2 17 A woman and Fatah official are shot dead by Hamas terrorists in separate incidents. Seventeen others are injured.
1/3/07 Iraq Baghdad 45 0 Forty-five victims of sectarian violence between Sunnis and Shia are found dead.
1/3/07 Somalia Jilib 2 2 An Islamist stages a Fedayeen attack, killing two unsuspecting Ethiopians.
1/2/07 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 An anti-terror Muslim leader is gunned down by Islamists while leaving a cemetery.
1/2/07 Pakistan Chak Saboo 2 0 A married couple is burnt alive in front of their children because the woman was kidnapped and raped.
1/2/07 Iraq Baghdad 49 4 Forty-nine victims of sectarian strife between Sunnis and Shia are found dead. A mortar attack kills four other civilians.
1/2/07 Iraq Nahrawan 5 0 Five civilians are kidnapped, tortured and executed by Jihadis.
1/1/07 Iraq Baghdad 40 0 Forty victims of sectarian hatred within the Religion of Peace are found in several locations.
1/1/07 Afghanistan Herat 2 1 Religious extremists murder two policemen with a bomb.
1/1/07 Iraq Baqubah 4 0 Radical Sunnis gun down a moderate and three aides.
1/1/07 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Three brothers are murdered by sectarian rivals.
12/31/06 Thailand Bangkok 3 40 Jemaah Islamiyah bomb New Years Eve celebrations in the capital, leaving three people dead and forty injured.

This list doesn't mention the incident in Utah where a Muslim man gunned down civilians in a shopping mall and nor does it mention the Muslim taxi driver running down students after an argument over religion...this guy even had the nerve to collect his fare before running over one of the students.

I'm sure there are hundreds of other incidents not mentioned.
Such a great wonder there are long immigration lines of people wanting to migrate to countries such as Iran or Syria.

Religion of Peace?
You Tell Me

Thursday, February 22, 2007

More Hypocrisy from CAIR

When it comes to hypocrisy, CAIR sets the standard.

This anti-American Jihadist organization never fails twisting the truth.

CAIR has never condemned a single Islamic mosque or school for teaching wahibist literature, but if a teacher presents something that casts Islam in a negative light, CAIR brings out their standard charge of bigotry and Islamophobia (of course that $50 million gift from Saudi Arabia might factor into their decision making)

CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper called for disciplinary action against a public high school teacher in North Carolina who reportedly allowed the distribution of Islamophobic literature in his class.

I wonder if he ever gets tired of his Islamophobic charge?

The materials including a pamphlet called "Jesus Not Muhammad," were handed out in the class by a representative of a North Carolina-based Christian missionary group. The pamphlet labeled the Prophet Muhammad "A criminal," "Demon Possessed," and "Inspired by Satan."

Another document given to the students was titled "Do Not Marry a Muslim Man." The document stated: "His [Muhammad's] militant commands and pagan beliefs are contained in the Koran, the book of Islam. . .The Koran is the book of Islam that Muhammad claimed was revealed to him by Allah, the moon god of Arabs."

Ibrahim Hooper stated "It is unconscionable for a teacher at any public school to abuse his or her position of trust by forcing such hate-filled, inaccurate and intolerant materials on students. One can only imagine what a Muslim student in the class might have experienced and how students of other faiths will now regard their Muslim classmates."

Such concern...I would almost be touched if it wasn't completely hypocritical. Ibrahim Hooper even went so far to say, "Muslims in fact view Jesus as a Prophet of God equal to the Prophet Muhammad."

Where is that bullsh** meter when you need it?

Where was Mr. Hooper when anti-Christian Muslims brought pro Islamic books to American schools?

At the Islamic Saudi Academy in Alexandria, Virginia, where Wahhabism is taught, the latter’s texts are anti-Jew and anti-Christian. Jews and Christians are, in expected Muslim parlance, "infidels." Infidels are unbelievers. Muslims are true believers. Infidels, according to the Koran, are to be killed or enslaved. "’Christians and Jews repeatedly are labeled as infidels and enemies of Islam who should not be befriended or emulated, and are referred to in eighth-grade textbooks as 'apes and pigs,'" the report said. In addition, it found that ‘some Saudi government-funded textbooks used in North American Islamic schools have been found to encourage incitement to violence again non-Muslims.’"

Why wasn't CAIR speaking at any of the following school systems where anti-Christian and anti-Jewish materials were taught?

New York City: An investigation by the New York Daily News in 2003 found that books used in the city's Muslim schools "are rife with inaccuracies, sweeping condemnations of Jews and Christians, and triumphalist declarations of Islam's supremacy."

Los Angeles: The Omar Ibn Khattab Foundation donated 300 copies of the Koran (titled The Meaning of the Holy Quran) to the city school district in 2001 that had to be pulled from school libraries within months because of its anti-Semitic commentaries. One footnote reads: "The Jews in their arrogance claimed that all wisdom and all knowledge of Allah was enclosed in their hearts... Their claim was not only arrogance but blasphemy."

Ajax, Ontario, 50 kilometers east of Toronto: The Institute of Islamic Learning is a Canadian emulation of the extremist Deobandi madrassas of Pakistan... Former students complained about the school's cult-like devotion to its head, Abdul Majid Khan, and complained that it "twisted religion and used it to its own benefit."

Washington DC area: The Muslim Community School in Potomac, Maryland, imbues in its students a sense of alienation from their own country. Seventh-grader Miriam told a Washington Post reporter in 2001, "Being American is just being born in this country." Eighth-grader Ibrahim announced that "Being an American means nothing to me."

No CAIR, no Mr. Hooper and no charges of bigotry.

No surprise.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Par for the Course

No...this isn't about Phil Mickelson's failure at Riviera. This is about buying votes. It's legal but is it ethical?

The press reported on Tuesday that Sen. Hillary Clinton had scored a coup in the presidential race by winning the endorsement of a key black political leader in South Carolina, state Sen. Darrell Jackson.

Interesting word...coup.

Now it has come to light that just days earlier, Clinton’s campaign reached a deal to pay Jackson’s consulting firm $10,000 a month through the 2008 elections – a deal worth more than $200,000.

A better word comes to mind...bribe.

Apparently Jackson had also been in talks with Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign about endorsing him and entering into a consulting contract for more than $5,000, sources said – raising questions about whether Jackson’s endorsement was bought by a higher bidder, the New York Post reported.


Jackson claims it's not about the money...but he didn't turn it down did he? $200,000 is more than just pocket change.

Edwards, who had Jackson's support in 2004, also sought his support for 2008 as did Joe Biden but didn't meet Hillary's offer.

Former state Democratic Party Chairman Dick Harpootlian said buying endorsements is par for the course.

Now what word comes to mind?


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Soros of Shame

He supports abortion, drug legalization, and special rights for immigrants, homosexuals, felons, and prostitutes.

And of course...Democrats.

An atheist, Soros is promoting the complete breakdown of traditional values and morality in America.

And now he is at it again. The Democrats' favorite financial fat-cat clearly isn't feeling comfortable unless he's comparing the United States to Nazi Germany.

He just did it again, telling a group of reporters over lunch recently that America's future will be determined by the "extent it recognizes the mistake" that was made by waging war in Iraq - and purging those responsible.

"America needs to follow the policies it has introduced in Germany," said the Hungarian-born hedge-fund billionaire, according to The New York Times. "We have to go through a certain de-Nazification process."

Yes, you read right.

He said "de-Nazification."

If only he would use this comparison to his hero Hugo Chavez whose Enabling Act is reminiscent of Hitler's in 1933.

For those too young to remember, de-Nazification was the post-World War II process by which Germany and Austria were forcibly cleansed of any and all remnants of their Nazi past.

Physical symbols of Nazism were eliminated, and former Nazi officials barred from holding any public office.

The message is unmistakable: America, says Soros, is the functional equivalent of Nazi Germany.

Now, Nazi allusions are nothing new for Old George, who has dedicated his life and considerable fortune to removing George W. Bush (and every other Republican, for that matter) from office. (He's the principal sugar daddy of, for example.)

After 9/11, he declared that Bush's statement that "you're either with us or against us" on terrorism "reminds me of the Germans."

And he wasn't talking about Angela Merkel.

Regarding the War on Terror itself, Soros made clear where his sympathies lay by funding the defense of Lynne Stewart - the radical lawyer convicted of being an accessory to terror.

Not surprising, given that Soros himself charged that the war has "converted [Americans] from victims into perpetrators."

Question is, how long will the Democrats keep taking Soros' money and ignoring the fact that he's gone way off the deep end?

Democrats like Hillary Clinton, for example, who has said: "We need people like George Soros, who is fearless and willing to step up when it counts."

When it counts? Like counting money.

In 2004, Soros contributed 74 million to the Democratic Party. “George Soros has purchased the Democratic Party,” said Republican National Committee spokeswoman Christine Iverson.

Voters have a right to judge would-be presidents by the company they keep. Hillary Clinton - indeed, all Democrats - sully themselves by continuing to use George Soros, with his obscene pronouncements, as a benefactor.

Why are Democrats letting a Hungarian billionaire dictate American politics?

***I apologize for not being around much of last week. If any of you have ever had a bad ear infection, you will understand.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

It Looks Nice but....

View from our backyard this morning. First major snowfall/ice storm this winter.

Monday, February 12, 2007

You Say Obama, I Say Osama

You Say Osama, I say Obama

John Howard is correct. If I was a terrorist, I would be praying to Allah for a Democratic victory and even Obama victory.

John Howard.."That great party, the Democratic Party of the United States, is the preferred party of terrorists"

The Oprah endorsed candidate, Barack Obama, introduced a bill that would see US combat troops withdrawn from Iraq by spring 2008.

His bill would require troops to start returning to the US in May and all combat forces to be back by March 31 2008.

Allah Ahkbar!

Congratulations Dixie Chick! 5 Grammys

How does a group that’s not even nominated for a Country Music Award walk away with wins in all country categories for which they were nominated at the Grammys?
Nothing political in that.
No, Hollywood wasn’t trying to make a statement or anything.

The Chicks can’t hide their disgust at the lack of support they received from other country performers. “A lot of artists cashed in on being against what we said or what we stood for because that was promoting their career, which was a horrible thing to do,” says Robison.

“A lot of pandering started going on, and you’d see soldiers and the American flag in every video. It became a sickening display of ultra-patriotism.”

“The entire country may disagree with me, but I don’t understand the necessity for patriotism,” Maines resumes, through gritted teeth. “Why do you have to be a patriot? About what? This land is our land? Why? You can like where you live and like your life, but as for loving the whole country… I don’t see why people care about patriotism.”

What the hell...even Jimmy Carter won a Grammy.
Allah Ahkbar!

John Edwards Tolerates Anti-Catholic Bigotry, Vulgarity

John Edwards of North Carolina is a former United States Senator, the 2004 Democrat vice presidential candidate and a current first-tier Democrat presidential aspirant.

When it came to blogging and netroots coordinating, he hired two anti-Catholic bigots to promote his candidacy. When their bigotry was called to his attention, he chose to stand by his anti-Catholic bigots.

***Graphic language warning.

Just a few samples:
"And, needless to say, the Catholic church is not about to let something like compassion for girls get in the way of using the state as an instrument to force women to bear more tithing Catholics."

“What don’t you lousy motherfuckers understand about keeping your noses out of our britches, our beds and our families?”

"I believe [link to poll stating nearly half of Americans are unsure if God exists] is something for which President Bush can take some much-deserved credit, as long as he’s willing to share it with his wingnut Christofascist base."

"And I love the word cunt. I use it like it's going out of style, mostly when referring to my own or talking to one of my Brits (to whom the word is about as alarming as oatmeal). I love it specifically because it has so much power in America. I love it when some dude calls me a cunt intending to deliver the ultimate insult, and I can effortlessly take the wind out of his sails by replying, "Fucking right I am. Queen Cunt of Fuck Mountain, and don’t you forget it, son."

John Edwards has apparently decided that there is more to be gained by aligning himself with the cultural left than by standing on principle and firing the Catholic bashers on his payroll.

Allah Ahkbar!

An Inconvenient Truth

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi yesterday defended her bid for a large U.S. Air Force jet to take her home and back to Washington nonstop -- and the White House backed her up.

Tony Snow defended Mrs. Pelosi against Republican criticism and labeled as "silly" press coverage of her request for a plane

But while George Bush plays nice(is he really this weak?), the leader of the "People's House" is racking up quite a bill that we are paying for. And by the way, is doing a pretty good job of contributing greenhouse gases(not just methane)in the atmosphere.

The speaker has decided that she needs a personal shuttle between Washington, D.C., and her home out on the Left Coast.

Historically, House speakers flew commercial. Then, after 9/11, Speaker Dennis Hastert cited security reasons in switching to a military-provided plane.

But that was a small jet: It sat 12 passengers, with a crew of five.

In contrast, Pelosi is said to want a top-of-the-line, Air Force passenger jet - the military version of the Boeing 757 - which features 42 business-class seats and a 16-member crew, plus a fully enclosed stateroom, entertainment center, private bed and state-of-the-art communications center.

Is anyone really surprised?

We didn't think Pelosi had any use for the military whatsoever.

As for the taxpayers, they stand to get clipped for $300,000 per trip.

For a lady who stands in the first ranks of the "party of the people," she sure eats pretty high on the hog.

Not to mention that such profligate use of jet fuel would make a mockery out of Pelosi's professed political priorities.

This is the same woman who declared last month: "I promise to do everything in my power to achieve energy independence . . . and to stop global warming."

Just two weeks ago, she added, "The science of global warming and its impact is overwhelming and unequivocal." Then she dedicated a select House committee actually to do something about global warming.

Which, if one accepts the current "science of global warming," she certainly is.

She's making it worse.

The conventional view is that emissions of carbon dioxide - a greenhouse gas - are a major factor in warming. And the jet Pelosi is demanding produces more than 10,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per hour - far more than the commuter plane Hastert used.

Gingrich has a point when he says, "It is useful for members, including the speaker, to go through airport security, just like everybody else."

But that's the point: Nancy Pelosi isn't like everybody else.

She's special.

More special than her commitment to ending global warming - which turns out to be just so much hot air.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

More on Double Standards and Media Bias

Hillary has to be nervous. Despite leading in the polls, she’s being edged out in the Goo Primary. Her natural allies in the media suddenly are more adulatory toward Barack Obama – and more defensive of anyone who would dare question his exotic biography.

Insight magazine
, a long-standing publication of The Washington Times Company, published a gossipy item with anonymous “Democratic Party” sources (they claimed some of them came from Hillary’s camp) that Obama had attended a madrassa, a radical Islamic school, in Indonesia as a child. The story was unproven, and should not have been published in its sorry condition.

The most obvious media outlet coming to the rescue was CNN, which now might be the Obama News Network, and not just the Clinton News Network. “DEBUNKING A SMEAR,” screamed the headline on CNN. Reporter John Vause reported from the scene in Indonesia that Obama was actually schooled in a state-run school that touched on religion only once a week “in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Jakarta.”

Wolf Blitzer repeatedly described CNN as doing “serious journalism,” and that “CNN did what any serious news organization is supposed to do in this kind of a situation. We actually conducted an exclusive firsthand investigation.” Further to the point, CNN president Jon Klein milked the issue to savage the competition, telling the New York Times it was irresponsible for Fox News to mention the Insight tale “without bothering to — or being able to — ascertain the facts.”

Earth to CNN: Facts are important, but you might want to save the lecturing for someone who didn’t hire Peter Arnett to shovel Saddam’s horse manure on your airwaves. Or outrageously aired a “news documentary” that falsely accused America of gassing its own soldiers in Laos. Factually challenged smears? CNN has a record unchallenged on cable.

Let’s be clear about this. The liberal media don’t care what Democratic love objects do when they’re in grade school, even in Indonesia, just as they didn’t care what Bill Clinton was doing touring Russia and the Soviet bloc in his twenties, just as they didn’t care how he dodged the draft or whether he inhaled, just as they didn’t even want to know if Clinton raped a woman when he was 32.

But Obama ought to thank his lucky liberal stars that he’s not a Republican. This is not the standard the media had for George W. Bush in 1999, when the entire liberal media ran in a pack suggesting Bush was a cokehead.

How did CNN, that oasis of “serious journalism” that always attacks a story facts first, approach the Bush-cocaine flap in August of 1999? First, in early August, they teased the reader with talk of “rumors” about Bush on “Larry King Live.” Then it surfaced on several weekends as rumor-floating on “The Capital Gang,” and as a media ethics discussion on “Reliable Sources.”

Then it arrived on the news shows, but always presented in play-dumb terms as an unmanned missile, a question anonymously “dogging” Bush. (What rich irony!) CNN only had a candidate who refused to answer a question, beyond saying he’d pass a government background check. Wolf Blitzer and the president of CNN didn’t send reporters anywhere to investigate. There were no lectures about getting ahead of the facts. The dominant expectation of CNN for days and days was that Bush must answer the charge. He had to deny something no one had credibly accused him of doing.

How low could it go? On its old all-female chat show “CNN & Company,” Chicago Tribune reporter Ellen Warren upped the ante, speculating that Bush was into heroin, not just cocaine: “No, the questions aren't going to go away. And if George Bush used cocaine or mainlined heroin, somebody did it with him, somebody saw it, and reporters will find out about it.”

CNN not only presented and fed the rumors, it then accused others of having done it. Blitzer reported that while Democrats were “not going to out and start making those kinds of accusations” of cocaine use directly, they're happy “that at least some of the Republicans on the far right, some of the more right-wing Republicans, are doing in effect their work for them.” He said this without giggling.

But the richest irony in the contrast is this: Obama has admitted in his biography to using cocaine in high school and college. CNN doesn’t care. While they scour the globe to rebut madrassa stories, they’re not asking him about this settled truth. Serious journalism, indeed.

As usual, CNN devotes its “serious” journalism to very partisan goals: defeating Republicans and making the path straight and flowery for Democrats. Now that’s just reporting the facts.

Rambo Returns

Go over to Gayle's Place and read about Rambo IV.
Very inspiring!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Chris Matthews , Rudy Giuliani and a Racial Slur

Chris Matthews has two problems. First he believes he is a good talker and second he believes he is smart. Problem is, Chris Matthews is neither.

And yet at the same time, there's a little bit of cunning in Matthews' plan. The MSNBC might yammer on about just about everything, but he abides by a few ground rules. And so for example, one recent object of Matthews' attack-yammering was Rudy Giuliani. It's safe enough to trash Italian-Americans, as opposed to, say, African-Americans.

This is true despite what John Brown or ducky believe.
It's called a double standard.

If Joe Biden says something that's not 100% p.c. about Barack Obama, the Delaware Senator is clobbered, but if Matthews invokes "fascism" in discussing Giuliani, an Italian-American, the MSNBC anchorman gets away with it.

Here is an exchange between Matthews and Rudy supporter former congresswoman Susan Molinari:

Matthews: "He got the pee smell out of the phone booths in New York. Even phone booths that aren't booths, they're just a place to make a phone call, had that smell about them before. I think I've been to New York enough times -- he did clean up that atmosphere in New York."

Molinari: "You bet he did. He stopped making excuses for people. . . "

Matthews, interrupting: "Was he a little bit of a Fascist?"

No big deal right?

No big deal if you don't mind offending someone named Molinari or Giuliani or any other Italian-American.

But that's Chris Matthews for you--no wonder he has such a following among partisan Democrats.
I wonder if you know who has a poster of Chris Matthews hanging over his bed?

Joke of the Day!

Carter Accuses Jewish Group of ‘Slander’ After Questioning Controversial Book.

Why can't America's worst Ex-President keep his mouth shut?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Just a Question. Or Two...

I normally don't do this but this topic has been weighing on my mind the last couple of weeks.

Oliver Purnell is the Head Coach of Clemson basketball and a black man. Recently they were playing Duke and at halftime ESPN showed a recent interview with the coach. In this interview, he was relating how much he was cheering for Indianapolis to win the AFC championship. At first, I just figured he was from Indianapolis or he was just a Colts fan but I was wrong. The reason he wanted Indianapolis to win was because the coach of Indianapolis, Tony Dungy is black and he wanted to see two black head coaches in the Super Bowl.

Now my question is this. If a white coach openly stated on an interview that the reason the wanted a particular team to win was based solely on the color of the quarterback or the head coach, would he be labeled racist?
Does the historical significance outweigh any perceived racism? there a double standard in this country when it comes to race?

Monday, February 05, 2007

How Did France Reach This Point?

Last September Robert Redeker, a French high-school philosophy teacher and author of several scholarly books, published an opinion piece in Le Figaro entitled "What should the free world do in the face of Islamist intimidation?"

His piece concluded that while Judaism and Christianity are religions whose rites reject and delegitimise violence, Islam is a religion that, in its own sacred text, as well as in its everyday rites, exalts violence and hatred.

The article was posted on the internet, translated into Arabic, and widely distributed. Within a day, it was being condemned on Al-Jazeera TV and the offending issue of Le Figaro was banned in Egypt and Tunisia. Redeker received a large number of threatening emails. He was condemned to death on one Muslim site, which posted his address and a photograph of his home.

So did his colleagues step up and defend Robert Redeker?
Of course not.
They sold him out.

The communist mayor of Redeker's town condemned him, the headmaster of his school complained that he had included his affiliation at the end of the article, France's two largest teachers' unions, both socialist, issued statements saying they did not share Redeker's convictions. The leading leftist human-rights organisations denounced his irresponsible declarations and putrid ideas. The French Education Minister, Gilles de Robien, criticised Redeker.

Judging from this response, it's apparent that large sectors of the French intellectual and political establishment have sold out their rights to free speech and open discussion.
When it comes to Islam, as opposed to Christianity or Judaism, freedom of speech must respect definite limits.

So what happened to Redeker and his family?

Redeker and his family went into hiding. Five months later they are still living in secrecy.
Viva la France!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

US Troops "Naïve Mercenaries"?

Do you ever wonder what the liberal press really thinks about our soldiers fighting in Iraq?
They claim to be against the war but for our soldiers.
They lie.

From the Washington Post

My comments in red.

William Arkin : "Troops Should Be Happy We Don't Spit at Them"

I’m all for everyone expressing their opinion, even those who wear the uniform of the United States Army. But I also hope that military commanders took the soldiers aside after the story and explained to them why it wasn’t for them to disapprove of the American people…

Mr. Arkin states "even those who wear the uniform" as if their opinions were somehow beneath those who sit on their ass enjoying the freedoms others have died for. He doesn't believe our military should expect public support...that somehow they must earn it.
Haven't they done that already? Who is he to cast judgment?
Another pompous ass running at the mouth.

These soldiers should be grateful that the American public, which by all polls overwhelmingly disapproves of the Iraq war and the President’s handling of it, do still offer their support to them, and their respect.

The soldiers should be grateful? They are risking their lives every day. We are the ones who should be grateful. How can any reporter be so stupid and out of touch. Without them, he wouldn't be able to print the trash he calls journalism. Soldiers, Marines and Sailors don't choose what wars they fight. They follow orders.

Through every Abu Ghraib and Haditha, through every rape and murder, the American public has indulged those in uniform, accepting that the incidents were the product of bad apples or even of some administration or command order.

Again...the isolated incidents of a few outweigh all the hard work and risks these brave men and women have taken. He acts as if our military has conducted a campaign of systematic rape and murder. He fails to mention the atrocities committed by our enemies which in comparison, far outweigh any injustices committed by American forces. His claim that the American public has indulged our military is preposterous and disgusting. Bad apples? More like bad journalism.

Sure it is the junior enlisted men who go to jail, but even at anti-war protests, the focus is firmly on the White House and the policy. We just don’t see very man “baby killer” epithets being thrown around these days, no one in uniform is being spit upon.…

Is this man saying that our military deserves to be spit on? I'd like to see him try. I would enjoy watching him trying to pick up his teeth.

So, we pay the soldiers and decent wage, take care of their families, provide them with housing and medical care and vast social supporter and ship obscene amenities into the war zone for them, we support them in every possible way, and their attitude is that we should in addition roll over and play dead, defer to the military and the generals and let them fight their war, and give up our rights and responsibilities to speak out because they are above society?

Decent wage? Starting in 2007, the starting pay for an enlisted man is $1207 per month. That's less than $15,000 per year. Nobody joins the military to get rich. Money wasn't the reason they joined but honor and a sense of duty is something that William Arkin could never understand.
Housing? I'm willing to bet that this man (I'm being generous here) has never lived in barracks or on a ship.
Healthcare? Considering that they are risking their lives, I think it's only fair that they receive decent medical care. Artificial limbs and other severe injuries are also part of the deal.
And as for those obscene amenities, I guess he must be talking about the hot tubs and caviar I sent over last year. Or maybe he doesn't think they deserve bullets to go with their M-16's.

But it is the United States and the price we pay for a mercenary - oops sorry, volunteer force that thinks it is doing the dirty work.
If I weren’t the United States, I’d say the story end with a military coup where those in the know, and those with fire in their bellies, save the nation from the people.

This human excrement dares to call our military mercenaries and then calls for a violent overthrow of our government. Isn't this treason? This goes far beyond "freedom of speech" and far beyond the bounds of human decency. This man better watch his back or he will get what he deserves. In all my life, I've never seen such filth from a major newspaper. The Washington Post should be ashamed and Mr. Arkin should have his ass kicked (for a start).
Maybe this is one opinion that he should have kept to himself.

The entire article can be read here.

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