Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Offended Cabbies Cry Intolerance

Okay, let’s say you fly into Minneapolis-St. Paul. Let’s say you’re carrying alcohol — rum from the Caribbean, a Merlot you found in Napa Valley. Let’s say you try to hail a cab while carrying said alcohol.

Good luck. You’re going to need it.

Three-quarters of the drivers serving the airport are Muslims, most from Somalia, and in recent years, many have refused to carry passengers carrying alcohol because Islam frowns on liquor.

Muslims claim that they want to assimilate, but in reality they don't. It's the same old story...ISLAMIC INTOLERANCE.

Dozens of passengers have reportedly been left stranded. Occasionally, even blind people using Seeing Eye dogs have been refused passage by drivers citing Islamic teachings that the saliva of dogs is unclean. Unclean? Personally, I would rather ride with the seeing eye dog any day.

Refusing fares from blind people with seeing eye dogs is a clear violation of the law, but as yet, no prosecutions.

Discriminating against the handicapped obviously is considered a minor offense, at least when compared to discriminating against Muslims.

After simmering for years, the issue has come to a boil. The metropolitan airport commission scheduled a public hearing to discuss stiffening penalties for the wayward cabbies.

As things now stand, a driver who refuses to carry you and your booze has to go back to the end of the cab line and wait hours for another fare. According to a report in the St. Paul Pioneer Press, new rules have been proposed that would require a 30-day suspension for a first offense and revocation of a cabbie’s airport license for two years after the second.

That's not good enough. Immediate termination for those who refuse to carry Americans with legal alcoholic products and criminal prosecution for those who refuse seeing eye dogs.

Sounds good to me, but Khalid Elmasry disagrees. He’s spokesman for a group called the Muslim American Society of Minnesota. Here’s the MASM’s idea: Color code the taxis according to whether the drivers accept alcohol.

Great...another Islamic group seeking special privileges for Muslims. Will it ever stop?

"We will not see this perfect solution,” wrote Elmasry last week in USA Today, “even though it meets everyone’s needs. In an environment of fear and misunderstanding of everything Muslim, tolerance has become too much to ask."

Notice who Elmasry has labeled intolerant? Not the Muslim drivers but the American passengers who are being refused. Wouldn't it be better if the Muslim drivers just did their damn job? Is that too much to ask?

This is a group of men who refuse to do their jobs because of a perceived conflict with their religious beliefs. You’re entitled to your religious beliefs. You’re not entitled to require your employer or customers to go to extraordinary lengths to accommodate those beliefs.

Why is it that Muslims have the hardest time comprehending this? Why is it that Americans must go to extraordinary lengths to accommodate their beliefs? Let them drive their cabs back in Baghdad where these conflicts wouldn't exist.

And what’s next? Will the drivers refuse to serve homosexuals or Jews or women without veils? Will they decline to ferry a customer to a bar or barbecue joint? Will we let everybody in every profession reject any customer whose race, culture, religion or moral choices offend?

No. Because that is anathema to this nation’s ideals. And the sooner certain Muslim cabbies understand that, the better.

You want a “perfect solution”? Fine, here it is: Muslim cabbies should do their jobs. Period.

Monday, January 29, 2007

A Matter of Perspective

This is war. If you play by the rules and lose, nobody is going to pin a sportsmanship mental on your uniform.

Instead, if they recover your body or find enough of your body parts, you'll get a nice little funeral with somebody playing taps.

Those who insist so loudly on following Geneva Conventions rules regarding captured terrorists need to take a long, hard look at the latest atrocity in Iraq, news of which broke last week.

Four U.S. soldiers, one of them a New Yorker, were captured - and promptly murdered - last Saturday in the Shiite holy city of Karbala, 50 miles from Baghdad, officials confirmed.

Two of the slain soldiers were found handcuffed together in the back of a vehicle.

Soldiers die in combat, of course.

But the murder of disarmed and helpless troops - killing POWs, in effect - is what's at issue here.

The killers traveled in vehicles used by U.S. government convoys, wore U.S. combat fatigues, had American weapons and spoke English. That got them past an army checkpoint and into a U.S. compound - where they opened fire with grenades and rifles.

Among those killed was Pfc. Shawn Falter, 25, of Homer in northern Westchester. Officials confirmed that he was killed last Saturday after being ambushed in Karbala, but didn't name the two victims of the atrocity.

The murder of helpless captives is a stark reminder of the barbaric nature of the enemy that American-led forces face in Iraq.

Indeed, it puts into perspective the complaints about U.S. "atrocities" committed against prisoners at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib.

Frankly, complaints about degrading photos and alleged desecration of the Koran can't hold a candle to the savage abduction and execution-style murders of brave soldiers.

Those who have led the outcry over what they hysterically decry as U.S. "war crimes" in Iraq have a particular obligation to speak out against genuine atrocities of the kind committed by these terrorist insurgents.

Their failure to do so will only serve to confirm their actual motive: not to hold America to the highest moral standard, but to undermine the U.S. effort and ensure a Vietnam-style defeat in Iraq.

Friday, January 26, 2007

More Stupidity from Our Worst Ex-president Ever

Who else but Jimmy Carter would say that there were "too many Jews on the Holocaust Council?"
Adolf Hitler?
Louis Farrakhan?
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

Imagine the reaction if Jimmy Carter had said there were too many Blacks on NAACP Board of Directors...or too many Muslims were officers of CAIR?

TEL AVIV – Former President Jimmy Carter once complained there were "too many Jews" on the government's Holocaust Memorial Council, Monroe Freedman, the council's former executive director, told WND in an exclusive interview.

Freedman, who served on the council during Carter's term as president, also revealed a noted Holocaust scholar who was a Presbyterian Christian was rejected from the council's board by Carter's office because the scholar's name "sounded too Jewish."

Freedman, now a professor of law at Hofstra University, was picked by the council's chairman, author Elie Weisel, to serve as executive director in 1980. The council, created by the Carter White House, went on to establish the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.

Freedman says he was tasked with creating a board for the council and with making recommendations to the White House on how best to memorialize the Holocaust.

He told WND he sent a memo to Carter's office containing recommendations for council board members.

He said his memo was returned with a note on the upper right hand corner that stated, "Too many Jews."

The note, Freedman said, was written in Carter's handwriting and was initialed by Carter.

Freedman said at the time the board he constructed was about 80-perent Jewish, including many Holocaust survivors.

He said at the behest of the White House he composed another board consisting of more non-Jews. But he said he was "stunned" when Carter's office objected to a non-Jew whose name sounded Jewish.

Freedman said he could not provide the historians name to WND because he did not have the man's permission.

"I got a phone call from our liaison at the White House saying this particular historian whose name sounded Jewish would not do. The liaison said he would not even take the time to present Carter with the possibility of including the historian on the board because he knew Carter would think the name sounded too Jewish. I explained the historian is Presbyterian, but the liaison said it wouldn't matter to Carter."

Freedman said he was "outraged by this absurdity."

"If I was memorializing Martin Luther King, I would expect a significant number of board members to be African American. If I was memorializing Native American figures I'd expect a lot of Native Americans to be on the board.

"I do not for a moment consider it inappropriate to build a Holocaust council with a significant majority of the board being Jewish," Freedman stated.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

CAIR Again Silencing Free-speech

CAIR and free speech.
(water and vinegar)
CAIR demands it while silencing its critics.
No surprise...nothing new.
So the following case is just CAIR's most recent attempt in silencing TRUTH.

There is a growing and forceful campaign by CAIR and other Islamist organizations in Canada to silence the free speech of Zachariah Anani by calling for his arrest and deportation. Anani is a Muslim convert to Christianity, former terrorist-militant and refugee from Lebanon.
CAIR, an organization which claims to be the voice of moderation, should be embracing Anani’s message against violence and the dangers of extremism instead of mounting a witch hunt against him.

A Brave Man

Zachariah Anani was a teenage militia fighter. Born into a family of Muslim clergy in Beirut, Lebanon, he began Islamic school at age three. His grandfather and great grandfather had been imams, and his family expected him to follow in their footsteps.

At 13, he joined one of the many military groups that existed in the early ’70s. “All the religious fragments had their own secret militia,” Anani says. “I was trained to fight and kill Jews, and to hate Christians and Americans.”

Soon after enlisting, he made his first “kill.” By the time he turned 16, “life meant nothing,” Anani says. “Every time I killed someone and two or three fighters witnessed it, they would give me a point on my chart. I carried 223 points.”

Anani met a Christian missionary, embarked on a spiritual journey and converted to Christainity which became a turning point in his life.

Anani initially tried to keep his new faith secret. Apart from one professor, no one at his university suspected he was a Christian. But in the Muslim neighborhood where he grew up, everyone knew it and he was harassed and persecuted. He moved to the city’s Christian sector, but the persecution continued. Even his father hired assassins to kill him.

Finally church leaders convinced him to leave Lebanon because his presence endangered others. In 1996 Anani entered Canada as a refugee. It took another three difficult years before his wife and three children could join him. After Anani debated with a Muslim scholar in the United States, his family was attacked in Lebanon. Two of his children required surgery.

Zak has been attacked numerous times for his faith as a Christian, even in Canada.

So how does CAIR intend to silence Anani?
By accusing him of a HATE crime.

Recently, Anani spoke on the dangers of radical extremism at a church in Ontario. Anani said Islamic doctrine teaches the “ambushing, seizing and slaying” of non-believers, especially Jews and Christians. He said Islam is a religion that worships a god “who strikes with terror.” During his speech, he quoted several passages from the Koran which supported his position.

Now in America this would clearly be protected by the First Amendment but in Canada the government can limit discourse that some might find offensive.
The truth should never be offensive but CAIR has demanded that Anani be deported.
CAIR has sent letters to Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant asking for a prompt investigation into Anani’s lectures under Canada’s hate crime legislation.

From PRNewswire:

There is a growing and forceful campaign by CAIR and other Islamist organizations in Canada to silence the free speech of Zachariah Anani and undermine his legitimacy as a Canadian citizen, by calling for his arrest and deportation.

CAIR, an organization which claims to be the voice of moderation, should be embracing Anani’s message against violence and the dangers of extremism instead of mounting a witch hunt against him.

It is no wonder that CAIR is attacking Anani, as it has been documented that many of the leaders of CAIR have openly supported the positions of Hamas, Hizballah and al-Queda — all recognized terrorist organizations.

[former terrorist from the West Bank] Walid Shoebat believes that CAIR and other Islamist organizations should join Anani in encouraging Muslims to speak out against terrorism and the killing, raping, forced conversion, mutilation and other acts of violence perpetrated by Jihadist groups worldwide against non-Muslims.

Why is it that CAIR absolutely refuses to acknowledge that killing, raping, forced conversion, mutilation, and other acts of violence are being perpetuated in the name of Allah? Do they not read the newspapers? Do they not watch TV? You would think CAIR would use their influence to effect positive change in the Muslim community, not punish those that would shine a light on those that use Islam for death and destruction.

The answer is obvious. CAIR has a different agenda. CAIR is an Islamist organization conducting Jihad in North America. CAIR isn't concerned with Civil Rights, it cares about implementing Sharia Law, it wants to make Islam dominant and if you're an infidel, it wants you dead.

CAIR has never condemned any of Hamas’ many terrorist attacks. During the month-long war last summer, CAIR issued at least eight condemnations of Israel and America - but not one of Hezbollah. CAIR has, in fact, never condemned Hamas or Hezbollah.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New Axis of Evil

Our eyes are focused on Iraq. The military conflict began in late March 2003 and by May of the same year the Iranian army was in shambles and Saddam was in hiding. This is what our military does better than any other military in the world. We seek out and kill our enemies.

By May of this year, 4 years later, our soldiers are still in Iraq because the Iraqi people cannot form a stable government. Our soldiers are being killed and maimed while Shi'ites and Sunni Muslims continue to seek revenge against each other for excesses under Saddam.
We are playing into the hands of our enemies. The longer we stay in Iraq, the stronger our enemies become.

The United States and the rest of the West are ignoring the possibility of an Iran-Russia-China dominated world order.
But such an alignment is more than possible. Russia, China and Iran continue to aggressively press forward toward a goal of world domination in rhetoric, diplomacy, and military action.
These advances are frequent and stronger as Iran gains confidence and solidifies relationships in its building of a world-wide power structure. Meantime, Russia and China , which are more interested in wealth and control than in any religious power, are using Iran as a spearhead to do their bidding.

Iran perceives the United States as weakened and bogged down by the Iraq war. The Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff told Congress that the U.S. would begin waging an “aggressive ground campaign” against Iranian networks operating inside Iraq. The possibility of cross-border raids into Iran also has been mentioned. President Bush, in a recent 60 Minutes interview, would not directly say that Iran was an enemy of the United States , but implied Iran's actions were hostile.

Iran is working every angle to build alliances against the United States. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Chavez have agreed to establish a $2 billion war chest to undermine U.S. influence in Central and South America. Iran is using Russian missiles to defend itself from any attack from either Israel or the United States.

According to defense intelligence officials, joint Russian/Iranian crews currently man two S-300 units just outside of Tehran and Iranian Army soldiers are now undergoing operational training on the advanced missile system in Moscow.

"The S-300PMU is simply a highly effective fast SAM (surface-to-air missile) that is very hard to jam and stop," stated Richard Fisher, a senior fellow at the Jamestown Foundation.

The new S-300 air defense missile represents just one example of a new generation of weapons being sold on the open market by Russia. Another popular new weapon is the Vympel R-77 missile, NATO code named AA-12 Adder. The R-77 is a long-range air-to-air missile carried by Russian built fighters. The R-77 is designed to destroy other aircraft beyond visual range (BVR) and reported to be equal to or better than the U.S. made AIM-120 AMRAAM missile.

The Russian Federation is not only Iran's foremost supplier of nuclear technology and training, it is reported that hundreds of Russian scientists and technicians currently work in Bushehr.

China has also purchased these advanced missile systems. China is also deploying Jian-10 jet fighters at an air base approximately 500 kilometers from Taiwan, military sources said yesterday. This new jet, unveiled in 2002, is an advanced fighter with air to air missiles and is a technological leap forward from previous Chinese aircraft.

China also confirmed Tuesday it has conducted an anti-satellite weapons test. The United States depends on its satellites for conducting war, more so than any other nation. Because China's weather satellites would travel at about the same altitude as U.S. spy satellites, analysts also said the test represented an indirect threat to U.S. defense systems. With its new ballistic missile technology and advanced jet fighters, I believe that China is sending a direct message that it plans on reacquiring Taiwan.

Beijing has repeatedly pledged peaceful development of its army _ the world's largest _ but has caused unease among its neighbors by announcing double-digit military spending increases nearly every year since the early 1990s.
It has spent heavily on beefing up its arsenal with submarines, jet fighters and other high-tech weapons.

Some Unrelated but Interesting Reading Material:

Last fall I visited Dearborn, Michigan, to attend a high school class reunion. I arrived early enough to drive around my old neighborhood. To my surprise, it had become almost totally an Arab population. Every business I passed displayed Arab-English signs, and on the front lawn of one of Dearborn’s public schools was a 5-by-7 foot “Peaceful Ramadan” sign. Apparently, the Supreme Court’s rules about religious symbols on public school property are not honored in Dearborn. It would be interesting to know why. Read the rest here.

On the eve of her historic presidential announcement, Hillary Clinton lost the support of liberal big-ticket donor George Soros to the Barack Obama campaign, the Daily News has learned.
Soros' switch was a stunner in the Clinton camp, which had hoped to woo him back amid a flurry of exchanges.
Read the rest here.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

CAIR's Candidate for President

Here's a trivia question...what is Barak Obama's middle name?
I'm sure the Beak, Steve, Freedom Now and AOW might have answered correctly but I had no idea (Please no one take any extra meaning from the statement. I just find these 4 very well informed on such issues and I'm sure many others unlike myself knew this answer).

Give up?


Barack Hussein Obama was given a rude awakening to the cut-throat world of presidential politics last week after being accused of hiding four years in which he was educated at a madrassa when a teenager. A madressa funded by Saudi Arabian Wahhabism.

Hiding or studying? Surely there are less conspicuous places to hide, especially one with political aspirations.

Would any other past President have been elected if it was shown that he studied communism at a Soviet Institute?
Maybe he can recite the Koran from memory?

Already the left wing of the Democratic Party has blamed Fox News for smearing Barak.
Calling it the Faux News Network, they clearly blamed Fox for misleading the public.

They couldn't be more wrong but when has the truth and the Democratic Party ever coincided?

From 'Think Progress', a left wing rag where THINKING is not required. In fact, I believe that it must be repressed. Because basic research would have shown that Hillary and other Democrats were the source.
Not Fox News.

Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy pointed out that madrassas are

“financed by Saudis” and “teach this Wahhabism which pretty

much hates us,” then declared, “The big question is: was that

on the curriculum back then?” Later, a caller to the show

questioned whether Obama’s schooling means that “maybe he

doesn’t consider terrorists the enemy.” Fox anchor Brian

Kilmeade responded, “Well, we’ll see about that.”

Let's examine where the first story originated and who was behind it...

Hillary's team has questions about Obama's Muslim background:

Are the American people ready for an elected president who was educated in a Madrassa as a young boy and has not been forthcoming about his Muslim heritage? This is the question Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s camp is asking about Sen. Barack Obama.

As Senator Barack Hussein Obama enjoys superstar status within the news media, a background check of the 45-year old Illinois Democrat revealed that he was a student in a Muslim madrassa in Indonesia and that he was raised by his stepfather as a Muslim.

While his defenders are calling this an attack based on fear-mongering, there are those who believe this is troubling news since Obama never mentioned this information in his book.

Some observers believe Sen. Obama himself used his revelation about drug use — including cocaine — as a smokescreen to hide his Islamic background.

“It’s not about Obama being Muslim that concerns me. It’s the fact that he’s been deceptive about his religious and educational background,” says political strategist Mike Baker.

Most madrassas are funded by Saudi Arabia and are known to teach a radical form of Islam known as Wahhabism.

According to Democrat Party sources, Obama spent at least four years studying at the Indonesian madrassa in Jakarta.

Mr Obama’s mother was a white woman from Kansas; his father, a black Kenyan Muslim. He states in his recent biography that he attended a predominately Muslim school when he lived in Jakarta as a teenager.

But the article claims: “In Indonesia, the young Obama was enrolled in a madrassa and was raised and educated as a Muslim.” It says that Mr Obama omitted to say in his memoir, or at any other time, that he attended the school for four years.

Mr Obama, who has spent his adult life in Chicago, calls himself a Christian and says that he believes in God. He attends a local church.

A source close to the Clinton campaign told The Times, a day before the Insight article was published, that they do not want to be seen as attacking Mr Obama or digging for dirt, but that they would be happy for another Democrat contender to criticise him.

I don't know much about Senator Obama and clearly that is exactly what they want. The less information only boisters his chance to be elected President. The vast majority of his experience comes from the State Government of Illinois. His only two years of national experience comes from his current position in the U.S. Senate.

Many Bush distractors point to his lack of military experience. But President Bush was a member of the Air National Guard, he might not have been a war hero but he didn't run to Oxford as President Clinton did. When it comes to Barak's military experience, you get zip, nada, nothing. I wonder how the left wingers will spend this?

The sources said Ms. Clinton regards Mr. Obama as her most formidable opponent and the biggest obstacle to the Democratic Party’s 2008 presidential nomination. They said Ms. Clinton has been angered by Mr. Obama's efforts to tap her supporters for donations.

In late 2006, when the Illinois senator demonstrated his intention to run for president, the Clinton campaign ordered a background check on Mr. Obama, the sources said. Earlier this week, Mr. Obama established an exploratory committee, the first step toward a formal race.

The Senator(Barak Obama) also serves on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Obviously having a modicum of national experience is not necessary. No experience, no problem.
See House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Rep. Silvestre Reyes who knows nothing about Al Qaeda, Shi'ite Muslims, Sunni Muslim or Hezbollah.

Those of us who naïvely thought Keith Ellison was CAIR's candidate missed the real goal of CAIR. It was a smokescreen for the real target. As nice as it is having their very own congressman, it pales in comparison to having a President in their back pocket.

Why should we ever believe Barack Hussein Obama??

We shouldn't expect Obama to be forthcoming. The Koran REQUIRES Muslims to lie to non-Muslims about their intentions, particularly the intention of imposing sharia law.
And we all know that tossing the Constitution and implementing sharia law is one of CAIR's primary goals.

How stupid does he think we are?

Saturday, January 20, 2007

CAIR: Why is 'American' in its name?

I found this excellent editorial by Kevin McCullough and wanted to share it.

I guarantee that it's worth reading in entirety.

All one needs to know about the Muslims behind CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, is that when they have the opportunity to defend America to terrorists, they always fail. And when they have the opportunity to defend terror tactics, personalities and doctrine vs. America, they always succeed.

Let me be even plainer. If CAIR has the chance to take the side of Islam's jihadist doctrine vs. American security and welfare, they always side against America.

In fact, the only place where CAIR puts America first is in its name. It's a stupid ploy they believe will sucker us into thinking that they prefer America to radical jihad, but alas their many betrayals and even eagerness to jump to the defense of terrorists sort of betray their intentions.

They also bellyache a lot.

And recently they have done so way too much.

CAIR hyperventilates if the president uses the term Islamofacism, but they appear to take deep breaths of satisfaction whenever another Western target takes a hit.

OK, so I confess I've never seen them take "satisfaction" in such activities, but I do notice that such events also coincide with their sudden disappearance from news media. No condemnation of the terror tactics, no renunciation of the terrorists who executed the attack – instead, all you hear coming from the CAIR offices is the sound of meadow crickets.

They also end up looking either willfully deceptive or woefully ignorant.

Remember when the six imams praised Saddam and Osama, loudly, in the terminal and as they boarded their plane? Remember that they changed seats once on board, chanted to Allah and asked for seat belt extensions for 180-pound men? Do you also remember how Ibrahim Hooper – from CAIR – reassured all that these six Islamic scholars could never even conceive of terror, much less practice it? Oh yeah, remember how the one who had chanted loudest was shortly discovered to have worked for terror groups, even Osama himself?

Now they wish to make a federal case against Northwest Airlines for 40 Muslims who missed the one-hour check-in and thus missed their connecting flight home. CAIR wishes to blast the airline as anti-Muslim even though some of the passengers were able to make the flight, and even though Northwest did all they could to put the rest on the next available flight. Nonetheless, CAIR's Duwad Walid insists that the airline "has not taken full responsibility."

CAIR threatened legal action against US Airways in the case of the six imams, and they now seem ready to treat Northwest Airlines with the same veiled intimidation. But that's Islam's theology, you know – convert or die.

CAIR has also gotten rather testy about the new season of "24." The hit Fox series has finally had the courage to show terror in the world today for the danger that it is. The producers also did something monumentally courageous and are putting it all in the context of Islamic extremism. So far, many of the Muslims in the four-episode season have been dishonest, manipulative soldiers intent on killing infidels. Since better than 97 percent of all terror activity in my lifetime has been initiated by Islamic fundies, I'm glad that, at least at present, roughly 1 percent of prime-time television programs will show it accurately.

The spokesbabe for CAIR, Rabiah Ahmed (pronounced: Hock-mad), said, "I saw '24' on Monday, and we do have concerns for the show. We are monitoring it and will be contacting Fox to discuss those concerns. We like a good show and a good drama. But as an advocacy group, we have to consider the image and interest of our community."

I'm sorry, Ms. Ahmed, what community is it that you refer to?

Would that be the same community that danced in the streets of the Middle East, as well as Jersey City, N.J., and suburban Michigan when 3,000 Americans were killed ruthlessly by practitioners of Islam on Sept. 11? Would that be the community that in the aftermath of those attacks, as well as the ones in the South Pacific, London, Madrid, Tel Aviv, Jordan and a dozen more, have steadfastly refused to renounce the personalities and practices of those leading the Islamic jihad against the West?

Of course, CAIR has an impossible mission. They are charged with defending a religious system whose very sacred text instructs faithful practitioners to sever heads and limbs of infidels. I can only imagine the self-conflict every one of the CAIR employees must face on a daily basis. Because to be truly American they must alter at least part of their faith practice, to deny a part of its historical instruction. And thus to be fully Muslim they must choose to deny a part of what being an American is, respecting the differences of others.

Evangelical Christians make no bones about our belief. Jesus Christ claimed he was "the Way, the Truth and the Life" and that "no one could come to the Father" except through Him. But he sure never instructed infidels to be beheaded, He instead healed a man's severed ear when one of his own disciples defended Him too zealously.

CAIR is the religious equivalent of an Islamic ambulance chaser.
Their message is dishonest and very inconsistent with their faith's own teachings. They are misguided in what they understand about America's legitimate fears concerning terror, and they always seem to defend the wrong people.

But hey, if the hijacked airliner, suicide-mission fits ...

Friday, January 19, 2007

Do You Speak Spanish?

On Dec. 5, Newsweek magazine touted an interview with then-incoming House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Rep. Silvestre Reyes as an "exclusive."
And for good reason.

"We Can't Afford to Leave"

As the debate over Iraq intensifies, leading Democrat Silvestre Reyes is calling for the deployment of more U.S. troops.

"In a surprise twist in the debate over Iraq," the story began, Mr. Reyes "said he wants to see an increase of 20,000 to 30,000 U.S. troops as part of a 'stepped up effort to dismantle the militias.' "
"We have to consider the need for additional troops to be in Iraq, to take out the militias and stabilize Iraq," the Texas Democrat said to the surprise of many, "I would say 20,000 to 30,000."

Then came President Bush's expected announcement last week, virtually matching Mr. Reyes' recommendation and argument word-for-word -- albeit the president proposed only 21,500 troops.
Big surprise, hours after Mr. Bush announced his proposal, Mr. Reyes told the El Paso Times that such a troop buildup was unthinkable.
"We don't have the capability to escalate even to this minimum level," he said.

No hypocrisy there...

The chairman's "double-talk" did not go unnoticed. Among others, Rep. Joe Wilson, South Carolina Republican and a member of the House Armed Services Committee, says such blatant "hypocrisy" undermines both national security and the war on terrorism.

Unfortunately for the new House intelligence chief, this is his second (some would argue his third) major blunder in the space of one month. When asked by Congressional Quarterly reporter Jeff Stein whether al Qaeda was a Sunni or Shi'ite organization, he answered: "Predominantly, probably Shi'ite."

New House intelligence chief? And he doesn't know who makes up Al Qaeda?

As Mr. Stein wrote later: "He couldn't have been more wrong. Al Qaeda is profoundly Sunni. If a Shi'ite showed up at an al Qaeda clubhouse, they'd slice his head off and use it for a soccer ball."

The reporter added: "To me, it's like asking about Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland: Who's on what side?"

In the same interview, Mr. Stein had asked Mr. Reyes about the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah.

His now-infamous reply: "Hezbollah. Uh, Hezbollah? ... Why do you ask me these questions at 5 o'clock? Can I answer in Spanish? Do you speak Spanish?"

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Robo Soldier

A nanotechnologist in Texas has come up with a way of producing a super-fabric with 100 times the strength of human muscle. The Pentagon now wants him to develop a super-suit for its soldiers.

The Pentagon is hoping that a new type of suit will give its soldiers super-human powers. It would be made from a newly developed super-strong but super-lightweight fabric that could stop bullets and increase the soldiers muscle power up to a hundredfold.

The US military has long been searching for an "Exoskeleton" that would amplify the muscle strength of combat soldiers. However, up until now each attempt had been too inefficient, cumbersome or mechanical to be used.

Now the superpower's military is hoping to profit from the findings of nanotechnologist Ray Baughman from the University of Texas. He has managed to develop chemically grown nanotubes, which are like tiny muscles. The microscopically tiny particles contract when an electrical voltage is applied and get their energy from a mini fuel cell, that runs on hydrogen and oxygen. The mini muscles are a hundred times stronger than human muscle tissue -- and can be woven into a fabric that would contract when heated and go back to its original shape when cooled.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Journalistic Bias

Fair and Balanced?

When the Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse case first hit the airwaves, a tidal wave of tsunami proportions portrayed American soldiers in the same light as Saddam Hussein.

I'm not here to defend the actions of the 372nd Military Police Company. What they did was a discredit to not just their unit but to all military veterans and personnel. They lost their moral compass and committed acts that I believe they would normally abhor.

But the media coverage portrayed this isolated incident as being pervasive throughout the military. While the news -- and the pictures -- rocketed around the globe, what was not revealed was that most of the guards in the pictures were already under arrest and later prosecuted. Still, the New York Times and other left-wing media sources saturated the public with story after story about prisoner abuse from American soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan, Eastern Europe and Guantanamo Bay.
Al Jazeera ran the story continuously and the Islamic world reacted as expected.

So now I ask, where is the coverage on the five Bulgarian nurses and one doctor being held in Libya?
The six medical workers were accused in 1998 of purposely infecting Libyan children with HIV even though scientist have proven that the strain came from another source and was active before the medical personnel ever arrived in Libya.
These nurses aren't being posed in sexually degrading pictures, they are being raped regularly by Libyan guards. They are also being tortured and electrocuted and now have been sentenced to death by firing squad.

Libya is willing to free the accused for the mere amount of $5.5 billion. More than the compensation they paid for downing aircraft Pan Am Flight 103.

Where are the indignant Muslims protesting against the inhumane treatment of these medical workers? I guess infidels shouldn't expect to be treated humanely.

Where is the New York Times? How about Al Jazeera?

Here is a timeline of the key dates.

Monday, January 15, 2007

“Patria o Muerte!” - “Fatherland or Death!”

How much longer are we to allow this cancer to grow in South and Central America?

Anti-U. S. rhetoric is reaching new highs but now the discontent is much closer to our southern border.
Ecuador and Nicaragua are the newest members of the Venezuelan/Iranian alliance.

Chavez noted the deep relationships between the two countries and said one can speak of a “single fatherland” when speaking of Iran and Venezuela.

The Fatherland? Hitler would be proud of these two thugs.

Chavez is so blinded by his hatred for America that he doesn't see the threat posed to his country from Islamic fanaticism. His socialist goals have no place in an Islamic theocracy and when the time is right Ahmadinejad will do to him what Hitler did to Stalin.

The only positive is that both countries are wasting their natural resources without building the infrastructure these nations will need when the oil runs out.

Mr Ahmadinejad's visit to Venezuela - his second in less than four months - comes as he seeks to end the international isolation over his country's nuclear program and make new allies in Latin America.

Caracas was the first stop on a tour that will take him to the newly elected left-wing governments in Nicaragua and Ecuador, led by Daniel Ortega and Rafael Correa respectively, which, like Venezuela, are seeking to reduce US influence in the region.

Venezuela and Iran are ready to spend up to £1 billion to help other countries free themselves from domination by the United States. The £1 billion investment fund set up by the two oil-rich countries would be used to finance projects in friendly third countries. Money that would be better spent to help the poor in their own countries. 40% of Iran is below the poverty level while 47% of Venezuela is also below the poverty level.

"It will permit us to underpin investments ... above all in those countries whose governments are making efforts to liberate themselves from the [US] imperialist yoke," Mr Chavez said, as the two men met in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas.

"This fund, my brother," Mr Chavez said, referring to Mr Ahmadinejad, "will become a mechanism for liberation. Death to US imperialism".

The Iranian leader called it a "very important" decision that would help promote "joint co-operation in third countries", especially in Latin America and Africa.

The two anti-American leaders have united in their defiance of President Bush. Their goal is to diminish American influence in the region. Chavez has pledged billions of dollars of help to the region in foreign aid, bond buy-outs and preferentially financed oil deals.

Chavez has also become a leading defender of Iran's nuclear ambitions, accusing the US of using the issue as a pretext to attack a regime it opposes and pledging to stand with Tehran.

Iran, meanwhile, is allegedly bankrolling militant groups in the Middle East, as well as insurgents in Iraq, in an effort to extend its influence.

The wise Hugo Chavez and oil blackmail

Mr Ahmadinejad, meanwhile, has called Mr Chavez "the champion of the struggle against imperialism". He congratulated the Venezuelan leader on his re-election last month and said the people had been wise to choose "a person as important on the world stage, a person so wise as Hugo Chavez".

Critics of Mr Chavez have accused him of pursuing an alliance that does not serve Venezuela's interests and which jeopardises its ties with the US, its main oil export market.

Both Venezuela and Iran are members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, and Mr Chavez said that they had agreed to back a call for an oil production cut in the cartel to stem a recent fall in crude prices.

All that was missing was Cindy Sheehan.

Friday, January 12, 2007

The Beautiful Religion of Peace

Countless Islamic scholars have stated that killing nonbelievers is not a sin and in fact should be encouraged. I remember as a student being asked "if you were to go back in time, would it be moral to kill Hitler as a youth knowing what he would do in the future?".
So let me ask this HYPOTHETICAL question: Using the knowledge we have about Islam and Islamic groups in this country (such as CAIR or the Islamic Thinkers Society) "how far can we go to stop them from achieving their goals?".

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bush to Honor Fallen Marine

It's a sad fact but unfortunately true in most cases, winning the Medal of Honor usually means losing your life. Of course there are many examples when this isn't the case but this isn't one of them.

Two years ago a young Marine fell on a hand grenade in Iraq, giving his life to save his comrades. Now he is in line to be recognized as only the second Medal of Honor winner from the war. President Bush on Thursday was to posthumously award the medal, the nation's highest military decoration, to Marine Cpl. Jason Dunham of Scio, N.Y. His parents were to accept the award in a ceremony in the ornate East Room of the White House.

In April 2004, Dunham, a 22-year-old corporal, received a report that a Marine convoy had been ambushed, according to a Marine Corps account. Dunham led his men to the site near Husaybah, halting a convoy of departing cars. An insurgent in one of the vehicles grabbed him by the throat when he went to search the car and the two fought. A grenade was dropped, and Dunham covered the explosive with his Kevlar helmet, which along with his chest plate absorbed some of the blast.

How many of us are willing to put our lives in severe jeopardy to save those of our brothers? This man did so without hesitation. There are countless Marines, Soldiers and Sailors who are just as willing but let's hope they are not ever forced to do so. What other country has produced the heroes this country has?
You might not like the war, you might not like George Bush, you might not like a lot of things but ANYONE who doesn't appreciate the sacrifice this man made for his comrades, his brothers in arms, needs to reevaluate their thought process.


Kaufman on Fox


(Coral Springs, FL) Joe Kaufman, Chairman of Americans Against Hate and founder of CAIR Watch, will be appearing, today, on Fox News' 'Your World with Neil Cavuto.' Kaufman will be calling on the United States government to place the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) on the U.S. State Department's list of terrorist organizations.

Show will be airing 4:00 PM Eastern time.


Once again my kidneys and urinary problems have reemerged. It might take a little longer than usual to make my rounds but eventually I will get there.
The reason I make the rounds is because of how much I enjoy reading from like-minded and the occasional dissident voice in our community.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Our Next President?

Monday, January 08, 2007

Islamic Courts Routed in Somalia

If President Bush needs a blueprint on how to win in Iraq maybe he should take notice of Ethiopia's success in Somalia.

Despite the urging of Ayman al-Zawahri Somalia's to remain steadfast in their battle against Ethiopian-backed government forces, the Islamic militants have been driven out of the capital Mogadishu and much of the southern part of the country.

Trying to flee into Kenya, they were met by Kenyan troops who barred the way. Now the rest of the Islamist forces who haven't gone home are thought to be hiding in the forests west of Kismayo, doing their best to avoid the attention of Ethiopian tanks.

Reuters reported: "The bloated corpses of Islamist fighters and an unbroken line of tank tracks along the Baidoa-Mogadishu highway tell the story of a swift advance for the Somali government and its Ethiopian allies."

Why did Ethiopia win so easily?

Ethiopia won in short order because it unapologetically used force against vicious killers who understand only force. They killed the people they needed to kill without worrying overmuch about collateral damage, and not at all about world opinion. And though the Ethiopian soldiers are Christians, they were hailed as liberators in this Muslim country.

American troops are forced to operate under very restrictive "rules of engagement".
Using half measures is only bringing failed results. Even if we doubled the amount of troops we have in Iraq, we cannot win until we allow our military to do the job it's trained to do. Building schools makes good PR but killing the enemy is what wins wars.

During the march on Baghdad, we unapologetically used force in Iraq, we also had rapid success with minimal casualties. But since the statue of Saddam fell in Firdous Square in April 2003, we've acted as if the war were over. Our focus shifted to peacekeeping and nation-building, though it's hard to be a peacekeeper when there is no peace to keep, and it's hard to rebuild a nation when the bad guys are still out there blowing things up.

Cruise over to Freedom Now's blog for a much more detailed history of Somalia's conflict and the Islamic Courts.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Heroes and Big City Values

I know this story has already received coast-to-coast coverage but I thought I would end this week on a high note.

Most people have a limited view of New York City and its residents. What they know is learned from TV shows and news broadcast. Unless you live here, you might not realize that New York City is made up of many smaller communities which have the same values that could be found in small towns across the country.

Integrity, compassion and heroism are no scarcer on the sidewalks of Chicago or Harlem than they are in Dubuque. If anyone doubts this, they should consider Wesley Autrey's heroic turn at the 137th Street and Broadway subway station this week.

Autrey, a construction worker who lives in the neighborhood, was riding the subway with his 6- and 4-year- old daughters when a young film student had a seizure on the platform. He and two women went to help the man, Cameron Hollopeter, 20, but Hollopeter stumbled while he was getting up and fell onto the tracks.

As a No. 1 train approached, Autrey jumped down onto the tracks and lay on top of Hollopeter, pushing into a space that was about a foot deep. Five cars traveled over the two men before the train screeched to a halt. It passed just inches above Autrey's head, leaving grease on his knit cap.

Autrey's instinctive willingness to put his life on the line is not something most people would expect to encounter in New York City. But then, the negative stereotypes about New York have never stood up to the facts.

Uncharitable? New York ranks first in a newly released state-by- state study of giving by the Boston College Center on Wealth and Philanthropy. Less committed than the rest of the country to America's defense? New York City has lost more of its residents in battle in Iraq than the average state. Not willing to come to the aid of strangers? Autrey put that one to rest in dramatic fashion.

Small-town values are certainly an important part of what makes America great, but so are big-city values, which in many cases are exactly the same

Thursday, January 04, 2007

All in the Name of Love

How much would you be willing to give up for love?
In Pakistan you might lose a lot more then you bargained for.

Pakistani loses ears, nose for love marriage

Members of wife's tribe assault man for marrying without family's OK

MULTAN, Pakistan - Armed men cut off the ears and nose of a Pakistani man who married one of their tribe for love after he and his family refused to hand over his wife, police said on Wednesday.

The attackers also chopped the ears off the man’s brother and severed his mother’s hand in the latest “honor” crime to hit Pakistan’s conservative rural areas.

Such crimes, including killings, are common in areas where marriages without the consent of girls’ families are still taboo under centuries-old tribal and feudal traditions.
Although not exclusive to Islam, honor killings are nothing new to the "Religion of Peace" or to Pakistan.
Historically most of the victims are usually women.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of women are murdered by their families each year in the name of family "honor." It's difficult to get precise numbers on the phenomenon of honor killing; the murders frequently go unreported, the perpetrators unpunished, and the concept of family honor justifies the act in the eyes of some societies.

Complicity by other women in the family and the community strengthens the concept of women as property and the perception that violence against family members is a family and not a judicial issue.

In Iran, the most common method is stoning and under Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the practice has increased.

Treated like a Muslim corpse, the victim, usually a woman, is washed and wrapped in shrouds. She is then buried in a ditch up to her shoulders and then stoned by a crowd surrounding her.

The stones should be neither too small nor too large, but just the right size to guarantee a gradual and excruciating death. Although a man, too, might be sentenced to stoning for adultery, the legitimacy of polygamy and extra-marital sex (sigheh) often allows men to escape punishment.

In May 2006, a woman and a man, Mahboubeh M. and Abbas H., were stoned to death in Mashhad. There are currently eight people--seven women and a man--sentenced to stoning.
"Females in the family—mothers, mothers-in-law, sisters, and cousins—frequently support the attacks. It's a community mentality," said Zaynab Nawaz, a program assistant for women's human rights at Amnesty International.

Such a lovely religion.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Islam's Rules On Wife Beating

Islam claims to respect women. In fact, groups such as The Islamic Thinkers Society, believe that it is Western culture that disrespects and defiles womanhood.

"Islam has enshrined equal rights for women."

"In Islam, superiority is achieved through piety -- not beauty, wealth, power, position or sex."

To prove their higher moral position Islam has implemented special rules for beating your wife..
Never in Front of the Children

And Only 10 Blows

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