Monday, September 13, 2010

Suprise! The Iman Lies..

Let's just make this quick. There is only one reason for the proposed 'ground zero' mosque and building bridges is not the reason. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf's Made it clear that "Build this mosque or face the wrath of radical Islamists".
I am so personally tired of these threats from Islamist leaders who we consider to be our 'friends'.
I would believe that the Nazis were in fact rabbinical students before I believe another word coming from this man's mouth.
Whether or not this mosque is ever built is no longer important. It is the great divide that it has caused. Here it is, the ninth anniversary of 9/11 and the bigger story is the demonstrations at the mosque.
If they build it, we should blow it up. Bring it down by any means possible. It's time that in this country, Jews and Christians stand united against Islam.
As much as the Obamanistas would like us to believe we are not at war with Islam, the truth is, if we are not now, we will soon be.
Drive through Europe.. There are actually areas where no one but Muslims go. Even the police do not venture into these areas. Let's stop this from ever happening how here.

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