Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Return of the American Crusader

I needed a break.
Didn't really expect it to last nearly 2 years with an odd comment thrown in from time to time.
Nancy, Brooke, AOW,and Elmer w/brothers in tow.. I really appreciate the fact that even after all this time, you have found enough time to see if I've posted anything new. A pretty fruitless search BUT... it's time for a return.
I am not surprised to see the same committed people still hard at work.
First off, this friggen wig is driving me crazy. For those of you who do not know my real appearance, I actually have straight hair.
Whoops a faux pas!! My hair is what it is and I have no obligation to tell you.
Who can forget Bill Clinton's punt on THAT issue?
I will admit to a period of depression after watching John McCain self implode. If there is ever a documentary made to show HOW NOT TO RUN A CAMPAIGN, I have an idea of where you can find plenty of footage. I think even 'Joe the Plumber' had enough and probably either didn't voted or voted for Obama.
This was a rather fairly expensive campaign for me... I did contribute the max for McCain and even a few more dollars To the Republican National Committee. But the real cost came when some idiotic nappy headed ho decided to practice a strong right hook to my 39 inch HD television.
And no... they will not accept returns when the glass has clearly spidered across the screen.
I never claimed to be a member of Mensa, so let that go without comment.
Now before I post this, I want to sincerely apologize to any queers offended by my straight hair.
PS: I am learning Spanish ( is a beautiful language) because the checkout girls at our local A&P did not have the English skills to tell me where the hair straightener was located.


At 4:11 PM, Blogger nanc said...


you've been missed and i'm not just saying that - hope you're back with a vengeance - i started a new blog mostly out of the same frustrations you had although i wasn't depressed - that WOULD admit defeat. come on ovuh sometime - it's a family/comedy thing - more or less a tribute to my zany family.

At 2:29 PM, Blogger Always On Watch said...

Well, you were MIA for quite a while.

But I never forgot about you!

The 2008 Election results were a real downer -- not only the White House but also the Congress went down the socialistic path.


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