Friday, April 17, 2009

Looking for Work

As everyone from Homeland Security probably already knows (I'm sure that being a veteran has me on some anti-American list), I am a veteran with advanced marine electronics training and I am willing to use the skills.
Being a Catholic and pro-life 'extremist' (I once attended a rally) AND a registered Republican (I paid my yearly dues) I am sure some right wing extremist group can use my skills for anti-American or even anti-CNN activities.
I'm looking for an employer not connected to such patriots as George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, George Murtha, Harry 'White Flag' Reid or any of the 20 or so newly appointed Obama Czars (the Russian equal of Caesar who are making an end around the Constitution)
Rev. Jackson and Al Sharpton need not inquire also.
Belief in capitalism over socialism
Against Income Redistribution
Pro-Second Amendment (actually you can say our entire Constitution)
Pro Enforced Immigration Laws and Secure Borders
Anti-Welfare State
Tired of bailouts for industries using unsound economic principles.
Other qualifications upon request.


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