Friday, December 28, 2007

Coming Soon

To an Ocean near You!

The Newest Coast Guard Vessel... the RB-M (Response Boat-Medium) will replace the existing 41 UTB's (Utility Boats).

With a variety of features such as the self fendering system, side recovery wells, and armament features, the crew is well enabled to execute multiple missions.

The environmentally controlled cabin, secure seating for crewmembers, convenience outlets, and head facilities support missions by minimizing crew fatigue on extended operations.

The development of interactive electronic technical manuals, infrared and thermal imaging capability, improved stopping and starting, twin Diesel engines power jet drives, and integrated navigation, sensing and communication systems, allows the crew to efficiently operate, maintain, and repair the boat to ensure operational readiness.

The RB-M’s self-righting capability, stringent hearing safety requirements, ability to operate in moderate seas, and ability to decelerate quickly provide superior safety to its crew and passengers.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Everything That Glitters....

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